Simotics HV M slipring motor provides fast ROI in cement and mining industries

Siemens has unveiled the new Simotics HV M slipring motor, which is designed for applications in the cement and mining industries. The newest slipring motor can be implemented in a wide range of applications including but not limited to millks, crushers, conveyors and fans. The new platform motor, with its power range up to 4.5MW, completes Siemens slipring motor family, which covers now the power range from 0.5 to 8.2MW. 

The quality and durability of the new slipring motor is said to stand up to the toughest environments and applications. These motors are designed and dimensioned for applications with high load inertia and low current requirements, typically relevant in the cement and mining industries. 

Especially in high torque applications, the Simotics HV M slipring motors is able to reduce the mechanical stress on the complete installed equipment. In that way, the plant availability is increased, wear and tear is reduced, and the lifetime of the plant is increased. 

Hermann Kleinod, CEO of Siemens Large Drive Applications, explained, “The motors can easily be integrated into SIDRIVE IQ applications to improve plant availability, serviceability, productivity and efficiency for our customers. Plant planning and plant upgrades can be realised faster and more precise by using the 3D model data of the motor.” 

The Simotics HV M slipring motor’s design is based on a modular platform concept, with lower weight but increased housing rigidity. Due to its modularity, it can be adjusted to individual business requirement. 

Critical for cement plants and mining operations, the high grades of standardisation in the Simotics HV M slipring makes it easy to find space parts to reduce operating costs and simplify service, avoiding plant downtimes to save time and costs. Ease of serviceability also help increase uptime. Machine covers can be lifted easily and service openings all around allow easy access to the interior. 

Certified Siemens MICALASTIC VPI insulation system developed by Siemens uses Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation technology to provide electrical, mechanical and thermal properties for reliability and long lifetime. 

The Simotics HV M slipring motor is now available.