SIG secures 100% of its paper board as FSC-certified to support responsible forest management

Starting January 2021, 100% of the paper board used in SIG’s packs will be procured as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, and matching FSC’s standards for responsible sourcing.

Samual Sigrist, chief financial and commercial officer at SIG, said: “Over the last decade, SIG has consistently led the industry of FSC certification. We now aim to go even further in supporting sustainable forests – and the climate benefits they bring – as we partner to create a net-positive food supply system that puts more into society and the environment than it takes out.”

FSC certification, backed by NGOs such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), helps forests and the communities that depend on them thrive. To achieve certification, forestry operations must meet the standards for responsible forest management to support biodiversity, prevent deforestation and degradation, and respect the rights of local communities and indigenous people.

By sourcing 100% of its paper board as FSC-certified, SIG is supporting the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement on climate change, the European Union (EU) Biodiversity Strategy, and the forthcoming EU Forestry Strategy.

Kim Carstensen, director general at the Forest Stewardship Council, added: “Forests play a critical role in supporting the world’s ecosystems and regulating the climate. By sourcing 100% FSC-certified board, SIG is helping to protect our forests – and the planet – for future generations and setting a strong example for others to follow.”