SIG and Nestlé Vietnam break ground with combismile

SIG and Nestlé Vietnam have launched combismile in Vietnam this month to target the growing demand for convenient and nutritional on-the-go drinks.

With support from SIG, Nestlé Vietnam has expanded its range of Milo malted milk with Milo Breakfast and Milo Classic. And with this broader range, the food and beverage supplier aims to satisfy teenagers and young adults on the lookout for innovative on-the-go drinks that are both nutritious and relevant to their lifestyles.

Milo Breakfast drink is made from milk, protomalt and three types of cereals – oat, wheat and rice, with a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. With its taste, reduced sugar content and on-trend packaging, Milo Breakfast is the ideal morning energy fuel for teenagers. Milo Classic, meanwhile, is also made from milk and protomalt, with added protein and calcium, providing a sustained energy boost during break times.

Lawrence Fok, president and general manager, Asia-Pacific, SIG, said: “In a world ever-changing and individual consumer needs, beverage packaging needs to fit into consumers’ lifestyles while catering to their changing demands and tastes. Combismile is an attractive pack that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, resulting in greater product novelty and differentiation on retail shelves while opening up new opportunities in a premiumised world.”

Why combismile?
With growing interest in fusion drinks, Nestlé Vietnam had been searching for an opportunity to capitalise on the trend for value-added beverages. They chose to launch a product able to attract young consumers while fitting nearly into their lifestyles – as a consequence, further strengthening the Milo brand.

With its innovative design, combismile fulfils the demand for mobile, healthy and individual food and beverage experiences. A curved, modern shape and easy-grip corners maximise drinking comfort, while a resealable single-action spout allows consumers to take their drinks with them wherever they go.

Ali Abbas, dairy business director of Nestlé Vietnam, added: “Combismile is the best choice for winning over our hearts of teenagers audience. Not only is the packaging highly suitable for value-added products, but with its round corners it can be easily picked up and carried about. Add in the combiGo closure for easy opening and closing, and you have a product that will, without a doubt, stand out on supermarket shelves.”

Benefits of combismile
Available in a number of sizes, from 180ml to 350ml servings, combismile gives producers the opportunity to target a variety of consumers. The innovative on-the-go carton pack is designed to hold a wide range of beverage products, including functional and still water drinks, ready-to-drink teas and coffees, drinking milk snacks and plant-based dairy alternatives, while also offering flexibility.

The new combismile packs offered by Nestlé Vietnam carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label confirming that wood from FSC-certified, responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources is used for the manufacture of the unprocessed cardboard. An FSC label enables SIG customers to show consumers its commitment in environmental and social responsibilities.