Siemens automates Cheese Vat for Giovanelli GmbH

As a universal service provider in the field of milk and cheese processing, Giovanelli GmbH offers high-quality solutions for the food and beverage industry. Faced with growing requirements in the sector, the company developed an automated cheese vat. The ultra-modern solution is equipped with automation technology from Siemens and offers remote access as well as the programming of 100 recipes with up to 100 process steps. With this flexible and cost-efficient solution, cheese and milk processing companies can standardize their manufacturing processes and maintain product quality at a constant, extremely high level.

Whether for yoghurt, curd or cheese, cheese vats are an indispensable component in the manufacture of milk products. This innovation from Giovanelli offers companies in this sector the opportunity of producing more efficiently and therefore increasing their competitive edge; especially because the vat is also a pasteuriser (a machine used to preserve beverages or food), a key sales driver. By selecting suitable automation components, Siemens was able to meet customer requirements for a flexible, high-quality and cost-efficient solution. The vat is controlled via a Simatic S7-1214C. The basic controller with integrated communication and technology functions is ideal for compact automation tasks. For operation and visualization, a package comprising a Simatic IPC panel PC and Simatic WinCC Runtime Advanced visualization software is used.

Easy visualisation and reliable remote access

As a preconfigured, turnkey complete solution comprising an industrial PC and robust single touch display, a Simatic IPC (Industrial Touch Panel PC) support the cost-effective implementation of Human Machine Interface (HMI) tasks, as required by Giovanelli GmbH. Due to passive cooling, the solution can also be integrated easily. The PC-based HMI solution WinCC Runtime Advanced, in turn, includes the central HMI components for visualization and messaging, and features recipe management as standard. The relevant data sets can be easily created and managed. Remote access is supported via the Smart Server option, which means that the vat can be accessed via mobile phone or computer in order to control or monitor processes.

The cheese vat from Giovanelli GmbH automated with Siemens components offers integrated recipe management and supports remote access via PC or mobile phone. For the automation of the cheese vat, Siemens used a combination of high-performance hardware and software components. With a well-thought-out project architecture, Siemens was able to meet customer requirements and create a flexible, high-quality and cost-efficient solution. The Simatic IPC panel PC from Siemens is ideal for the cost-effective implementation of HMI applications and can be integrated easily thanks to its fanless cooling.