Sidel extends WB wrap-around packing platform to manage RSC cases

Sidel has launched a new Cermex WB47 case packer, expanding its WB wrap-around range to handle not only the wrap-around blank family, but also regular slotted container (RSC) and half-slotted container (HSC). Additionally, the upgraded WB platform ensures enhanced flexibility with shorter changeover times.

The current market situation demands greater adaptability of equipment that is capable of managing various combinations of primary and secondary packaging grouped in many batch sizes and configurations. Moreover, production runs are becoming shorter, and therefore high flexibility with reduced downtime and fast, easy and repeatable changeovers for case packing are essential.

Meeting the various requirements of supermarkets, discount stores, online retailers and more, the Cermex WB packing platform is ideal for the food, home and personal care (FHPC) markets.

Didier Saussereau, packing product manager at Sidel, explained: “The Cermex WB’s case-packing range is able to handle a great variety of primary and secondary packaging types, including complete wrap-around blanks, trays, trays with ledges, two-piece packaging, and produce shelf-ready packaging (SRP) and easy-to-open functionalities. With the Cermex WB47, Sidel extends the flexibility and adaptability of the solution even more.”

The new case packer is able to run RSC and HSC with an increased speed of 22 cases per minute compared to 15 cases per minute with the traditional RSC case-packing range. The wrap-around version can run at up to 30 blanks per minute. Thus, the upgrade to a WB47 allows current RSC case operators to switch to wrap-around blanks with a common platform and an upgrade kit. Additionally, the WB case-packing platform can perform easy-to-operate up to fully automatic changeovers, thus reducing downtime when changing products, packaging, batch sizes or configurations. According to Sidel, the average time for changeover is five minutes, depending on the version.

For manufacturers who already have Cermex WB46 machines in their workshop, the new Cermex WB47 will not only widen their secondary packaging options, but will also maintain consistency of case-packing assets, with operators and maintenance staffs easily trained, while optimising spare parts management.

“This was the case with two global brand owners who were satisfied with their reliable Cermex WB46 solutions and decided to acquire the new WB47 to complete their packaging options,” Didier concluded.

In 45 years, Sidel has installed more than 8,000 packers, including 1,000 wrap-around machines. More than 130 units of the Cermex WB46 and the new Cermex WB47 have already been manufactured in the last four years.