SGProtein boosts local sustainable food production with opening of manufacturing platform in Singapore

SGProtein is set to open a plant-based meat alternative contract manufacturing platform in Singapore. The company has raised S$4 million (US$2.97 million) during its seed round, and is in the midst of setting up a facility to accelerate sustainable food production in the republic.

This production platform will drive Singapore’s position as a regional hub for plant-based food innovation and manufacturing. It is scheduled to start production later this year, offering an initial production capacity of over 3,000 tonnes a year. Located at Commonwealth Capital’s Food Hub, SGProtein will support food brands to meet the fast-growing demand for plant-based meat. Consumers and Singapore and across South East Asia will benefit from getting access to a wider range of plant-based meat products, made in Singapore.

By 2030, Singapore aims to have 30% of its food consumption produced locally. At the same time, consumer demand for sustainable and healthy food products has been exponentially growing in recent years across South East Asia, underlining the opportunity for the Singapore food industry to make a positive impact as a hub for plant-based food innovation. SGProtein will contribute towards these goals, and help transform Singapore into a net exporter for plant-based food products. The new facility will leverage the latest technology in high-moisture extrusion, which enables the texturing of plant proteins into meat alternatives at large capacities.

As a provider of contract manufacturing services, SGProtein aims to support innovative food start-ups as well as local and multinational food manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. It enables them to scale their production of healthy and sustainable plant-based food products by eliminating the traditional scaling issues such as capital needs, long timelines and capacity restrictions of building their own production site and logistics. With SGProtein’s support, plant-based meat innovation companies will be able to grow their business with flexibility from research and innovation pilot plants through to industrial production.

By manufacturing locally and at scale, brands can also shorten supply chains, resulting in less environmental impact and additional cost savings.

Riccarda Züllig, co-founder of SGProtein, said: “We are helping innovative food start-ups close the gap between plant-based meat innovation and commercialisation. At the same time, we offer our multinational clients to enter the fast-growing Asian markets through a local production facility, ensuring highest standards for food safety, quality and certifications. Democratising access to the most advanced technology for manufacturing meat alternatives adds to Singapore’s attractiveness as a regional hub and ecosystem of world reference.”