Serac launches the LINEA XS, an all-terrain filler for medium outputs

Transparent doors and frameless design provide better visibility on the LINEA XS

The packaging specialist took the best of both its rotary and linear machines to design a cup filler that meets the investment constraints of medium-speed production: from 5000 to 12000 cups per hour.

The LINEA XS incorporates Serac’s latest advances in terms of hygiene, ergonomics and flexibility in a refined design that makes installation and daily operation easier.

Having enticed food manufacturers in Western Europe, this new offer can also prove interesting in geographical areas where access to experienced technicians is difficult.

Uncompromising filling hygiene

The LINEA XS is designed to be extremely easy to clean. It guarantees environmental control through a unidirectional laminar flow installed above filling operations. It can be combined with H2O2, ultraviolet or pulsed light decontamination modules, depending on the level of bacteriological reduction required and the environmental goals aimed at. It also benefits from a new electric dosing nozzle developed by Serac, which is cleaner and more versatile.

Simplified design for better TRS

The LINEA XS has been cleared of all non-essential mechanical and electronic components. It gets back to cams in order to reduce the number of servomotors and reduce adjustments to the strict minimum, while offering fast format changeovers: 30 minutes maximum.

With its robust mechanics and very few wearing parts, the LINEA XS is designed to offer maximum production time over a minimum service life of 15 to 20 years.

Maximum ergonomics for the operator

With a lowered chassis, storage stations within arm’s reach, transparent doors and a frameless design that provide increased visibility on the filling functions, the LINEA XS offers true working comfort to the operator in charge of running it.

Shipped ready to install

Compact, the LINEA XS can be shipped in a container without having to be dismantled and disconnected. It thus provides enhanced trust and speed upon installation, for trouble-free production start-ups, even in geographical areas where technical skills are scarce.

Available for stackable and non-stackable cups, the LINEA XS can also be combined with a cup blower in the CUPBOX block variant.

With a base price significantly lower than that of high-speed linear fillers, it offers production plants a unique solution to meet the needs of ultra-segmented markets and the growing demand for locally produced goods.