Sensient Flavors unveils a new Confectionery Toolbox to showcase its flavour trend expertise and market insights

@Ian Francis / shutterstock


Sensient Flavors has developed a new Confectionery Toolbox to help manufacturers stay ahead of the game. The contents of the box encapsulate the latest ideas and opportunities in confectionery production, highlighting Sensient Flavors’ long-standing flavour knowledge, technological expertise and marketing insights all designed to meet industry demand and drive category value.

Keeping up with consumer trends, market knowledge and the ability to capitalise on opportunities are vital for innovation. This is particularly true of the confectionery industry, where customers are demanding healthier, clean label formulations, alongside high quality ingredients and exciting new tastes. 

Right now, confectionery brands are facing ever-increasing pressure to reduce sugar content and, at the same time, make greater use of naturally sourced sweeteners. Sensient Flavors offers solutions to these challenges in the form of its ‘ready to use’ Extracts, Vegan Dairyboost and Natural Flavourings. They all address the technical challenges of sugar and artificial sweetener replacement, and increase consumer perception of health and wellness benefits.

Сombining sugar-free claims with other free-from declarations perfectly taps into the still booming free-from trend. In particular, consumers’ growing aversion to dairy or animal components. “We have explored new opportunities within vegan confectionery and alternatives to gelatine, providing clean label choices for those wishing to avoid meat-based products,” explains Ranbir Kooner, Sensient Flavors Marketing Manager EMEA. Additionally, Sensient Flavors offers a variety of vegan, palm oil and gluten-free extracts, with all products free-from titanium dioxide too.

Furthermore,  Sensient’s toolbox addresses the premium end of the confectionery market, with consumers looking for exclusivity in flavours combined with taste bud tantalisation. For example, Sensient has innovative ways of combining sweet and savoury flavours, giving adult products a delightful new ‘Swavory’ kick. 

“Based on market-driven insights, our latest confectionery toolbox includes practical answers to key industry issues,” comments Ranbir Kooner. “These include everything from sugar reduction, transparency of ingredients and interesting flavours, to the more sophisticated solutions that denote high quality. Additionally, we have some exciting new flavours for product innovation, including a broader array of dessert inspirations and savoury/spicy launches.”