Sensegen launches Fall Flavours collection

Sensegen, a biotechnology-based solution provider in taste, smell, and beauty, has launched its biobased Fall Flavours. The collection features seven curated cozy flavours as a tribute to the moods of warmth, comfort, and energy that define the autumn season.

“Our seven Fall Flavours are purposefully crafted to resonate with the moods of autumn. Whether consumers seek comfort, a bolt of energy, or a moment of relaxation, our flavours are designed to enhance the experience, making every sip and bite a sensory delight,” said vice-president of flavours and consumer experience, Natasha D’Souza.

Fall Flavours: A culinary journey through autumn

  • Vanilla – Creamy, marshmallow flavour with cooked notes and hints of custard and coconut. Ideal in creamer, tea, coffee flavouring, puddings, and popcorn glaze;
  • Caramel – Caramel buttery flavour with tones of roasted sugar, dark brown notes, and slight dairy. Ideal in applications: Creamer, coffee flavouring, whipped cream, baked goods, and popcorn glaze;
  • Chocolate – Milky, tootsie-roll-like, with fruity cocoa, honey, slightly floral notes, and hints of vanillin. Ideal in puddings, syrups, and baked goods;
  • Hazelnut – Reminiscent of branded chocolate products, with a roasted nut profile, slight hints of freshness, hints of sweet brown spice, and caramelized sugar. Ideal in coffee flavouring, popcorn glaze, dairy, and baked goods;
  • Pistachio – Roasted, green, creamy, nut, pistachio-like, with marzipan and almond-like notes. Ideal in tea, coffee flavouring, baked goods, and yoghurt;
  • Coffee (espresso and cappuccino) : For cappuccino: Buttery, toasted, roasted coffee bean, dairy (condensed milk); for espresso: medium roasted nutty coffee, slightly bitter, and butter undertones. Ideal in puddings, baked goods, and yoghurt;
  • Lavender – Floral, bright green notes, herbal, with hints of citrus and blueberry. Ideal in tea, coffee flavouring, cold foams, and baked goods.

“Sensegen’s Fall Flavours collection is a testament to the power of flavour to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Whether brands craft beverages, snacks, or baked goods, our flavours will inspire product developers to create products that resonate with consumers seeking the essence of autumn,” said D’Souza.

The science of flavour and mood

Extensive consumer insights back Sensegen’s innovative approach to flavour creation. These insights underscore the role of flavour in enhancing specific moods and aligning with various social contexts. Sensegen’s first-hand insights from its research offer guidance for food and beverage companies seeking to inspire their innovation with mood-centric flavours.

By understanding that mood, food, and beverage choices can vary significantly among individuals, industry players can use this research to tap into the full potential of their offerings and deliver tailored experiences to their diverse consumer base.

Sensegen’s recent research has shown that moods strongly influence beverage and food choices. The desired flavour also depends on the choices of food and beverages. The success of flavours is key to understanding this important factor. The insights gained from Sensegen’s research inspired the Fall Flavour collection.

When asked to which moods consumers are most likely in when in a mid-level social interaction setting, for example, at a coffee shop, consumers responded with mostly positive moods: happiness (64%), excitement (40%), and relaxation (35%). Correspondingly, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea were selected by seven of 10 consumers as top beverage choices, and eight of 10 consumers desired complex brown flavours like vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. In addition, as food pairings, dairy (ice creams/yogurt) and baked goods (cookies/bread) were popular.

If a situation was one of low social interaction or individual time, for example, an afternoon slump or mood:

The beverage choices became more diverse, energy-focused, and,
Food pairings like protein and granola bars, nuts, and popcorn, in addition to coffee, tea, and flavours of more traditional but diverse, including berries, brown complexes, nut-type, and some exotics, were desired.

Flavours powered by biology

The Fall Flavours created through precision fermentation offer several significant benefits, such as consistency and control over the production process, ensuring that flavours are consistent in taste and quality. It is also efficient, producing flavours rapidly and with fewer resources compared to traditional methods. This consistency is crucial for food and beverage manufacturers needing reliable product ingredients.