Seeq launches Conneqt global industry events

Global manufacturing customers, including Chevron Phillips, Duke Energy, and Eli Lilly & Company, shared industrial digital transformation and advanced analytics best practices using Seeq.

Seeq Corporation has launched Conneqt, the company’s expanded global industry conference designed for manufacturers to explore innovations in advanced industrial analytics. From 2-4 May 2022, in Austin, Texas, Conneqt brought together a community of Seeq customers, partners, and experts that provided access to business trends, use cases, and dialogue through a series of interactive sessions.

Customer presentations, from organisations including Chevron, Koch Ag & Energy Services, Eli Lilly & Company, Bristol Myers Squibb, Guardian Glass, and others, featured Seeq use cases and best practices for addressing the business issues facing the process industries today. Hands-on training sessions, fireside chats with customers, and cloud partner discussions with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure delivered first-hand insights on approaching data and process control challenges across a variety of industries.

Dr Lisa Graham, Seeq CEO, kicked off the event, highlighting the company’s journey from inception to present day as well as its vision for the future of the product portfolio, which includes continued investments in extensibility, machine learning, and the cloud.

“The goal of Conneqt is to provide an environment for our customers, partners, and other industry leaders to exchange ideas, data-driven insights, and manufacturing expertise that will drive sustainable and scalable business results for their organisations,” said Dr Graham.

During the customer keynote presentation, “Accelerating Business Impact Through Cultural Innovation,” Brent Railey, manager of data science at Chevron Phillips, shared how Seeq fits into the organisation’s overall digital transformation strategy and how influencing organisational culture enabled his team to successfully drive adoption of the advanced analytics solution across multiple sites.

“The successful adoption of any digital solution requires analysis of its relationship with the organisation’s culture,” said Brent Railey, manager of data science at Chevron Phillips. “By understanding the significant opportunities for improvement that Seeq could uncover and potential change management challenges before deployment, we could proactively address them to accelerate the positive production outcomes we achieved.”

Limited sessions were recorded at Conneqt and will be offered on-demand on the Seeq website.