Sealpac launches new corporate website

The corporate Sealpac website has been renewed. Not only its appearance, but also its content has been overhauled. The new website is designed to provide inspiration by containing videos, customer stories, and packaging examples in each of the industries Sealpac is active in, as well as the latest information on the company’s brand.  

Additionally, the new website matches the latest technical standards, such as its use on different mobile devices, and addresses all of Sealpac’s solutions worldwide.

Marcel Veenstra, marketing and communications manager at Sealpac, explained: “At Sealpac, we develop futureproof packaging equipment and packaging concepts, which ensures reliability, flexibility and highest performance. Ultimately, this results in lowest cost of ownership for our customers. In the meantime, these customers enjoy the strong support of after-sales service through local Sealpac partners in each country. This is reflected on our new website.”