Sealed Air launches latest vacuum skin packaging innovation for Asia

Sealed Air has launched its latest vacuum skin packaging innovation for the fresh red meat and seafood sectors at the annual China International Meat Industry Exhibition (CIMIE). The new Cryovac DM100 Darfresh vacuum skin packaging machine is a single-tray system that delivers up to 10 packs per minute, and comes with an auto eject feature for labour efficiency.

The DM100 is a zero-scrap solution that delivers up to 40% in savings on packaging film, and send zero plastic processing scrap to landfill therefore reducing overall packaging spend, said Sealed Air. It occupies a small footprint, and is designed for small- and medium-sized companies in Asia looking for a compact and easy-to-operate packaging system to kick-start their investment in vacuum skin packaging.

With DM100, companies such as food processors and retailers can leverage on the benefits of the Cryovac brand of Darfresh on-tray system that include operational efficiency, food safety, shelf-life extension, and brand differentiation.

Onat Bayraktar, vice-presidet, Asia, Sealed Air, said: “With the current spike in fresh food consumption, the growth in protein consumption is a real growth opportunity for protein processors. However, driving topline growth may no longer be enough as there are constant pressures to reduce costs, maximise profits and drive product sustainability, all while dealing with changing consumer behaviours and retailer demands.

“Helping customers solve critical challenges is what we do best, and the DM100 is an example of providing customers with a one-stop shop equipment, materials and technical support. Over the next five years, Asia is expected to be the biggest user of vacuum skin packaging globally, and the launch of the DM100 is very timely for companies looking to deliver safe and quality food, quickly and efficiently.”