Schneider Electric works towards a clean and green future for all

(Image: Xurya)

By Agatha Wong

While equitable economic progress may not be on the top of the agenda for many organisations in food and beverage manufacturing, choosing to pivot and make such transitions can result in creating an edge against their competitors. It can also encourage a more vibrant and robust playing field, leading to sustainable outcomes.

Schneider Electric, a provider of services sup-porting the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has committed itself to the funding of social and environmental impact initiatives. These initiatives were realised through its investment vehicle, Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA), founded in 2009. A decade later, its Asia arm, Schneider Electric Energy Access Asia, was formed together with three other investors: the European Deve-lopment Finance Institution Management Company, the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries, and Amundi Finance et Solidarité. SEEA Asia aims to invest in start-ups contributing to the universal access to clean energy in South and South East Asia, with a monetary commitment of €20.9m.

“The first fund, SEEA, was created to invest in start-ups that work towards providing access to energy. This taught the team the foundational elements required for a company to succeed in this space. For example, it forced them to consider what the most relevant business models, technologies and financing instruments are to support an early-stage organisation; how local habits, uses and regulations can present both opportunities and challenges in the drive towards universal electrification; and how important strong collaborations are in this process,” said Leslie Zambelli, impact investment director of Schneider Electric Energy Access Asia.

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