SanLucar and Sanifruit, together for zero-waste solutions in the agricultural sector

The companies SanLucar and Sanifruit have signed a cooperation to develop solutions sustainably extending the shelf life of fruit while respecting the health of people and nature.

The two enterprises are thus aligning their strategies and mission to reduce food waste and, consequently, the CO2 emissions.

With this agreement, the premium fruit and vegetable brand SanLucar has taken another step in its Corporate-Responsibility-Program DREAMS and contributed to the development of new advances in zero-waste post-harvest handling. These natural solutions preserve the quality and taste of the best fruits while protecting the environment.

“At SanLucar, we want to offer everyone the freshest, most natural and tasteful fruits and vegetables in a way we can be proud of. The philosophy Taste in harmony with people and nature guides our daily actions throughout our entire value chain: From field to fork,” explained Stephan Rötzer, owner and founder of SanLucar.

“We are convinced that the collaboration with Sanifruit will enable us to continue to successfully combine tradition and innovation in the agricultural sector, and to make significant advances in R&D for the sustainable treatment of our products,” stated Sonia Mallén, quality director at SanLucar.

For both companies, this agreement is of great importance. With this cooperation, they can focus on the use of Sanifruit current solutions on premium fruits and help bringing the health benefits of its developments to more consumers. It is also an excellent opportunity to have numerous possibilities for further innovative developments in the future.