SACMI, the preferred partner of German beers

A major supplier to the international beer industry, SACMI is set to play a leading role at the upcoming Brau Beviale fair in Nuremberg. On show: world-leading metal (crown cap) solutions, flexible, highly efficient filling lines specifically designed for beer&spirits and modular labelling solutions with unmatched versatility and performance.

Comprehensive SACMI solutions for the beer&spirits sector will soon be taking centre-stage at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg (12-14 November 2019). The company will be showcasing a range characterised by quality, versatility and outstanding performance, with innovative industry-specific solutions. SACMI will also be highlighting its capacity to act as sole provider for every stage of the process.

Firstly, SACMI will be displaying crown cap manufacturing machines, a field in which it has led the world for over fifty years. With the top-of-the-range PTC 600, SACMI now offers output rates over 30% higher (6,000 caps/min) than those of the previous range and has developed further automation upstream from the press (e.g. automatic steel sheet feed) while reducing noise and vibration.

Easily integrated with lining (SACMI PMC) machines, cap embossing (CCD) machines and the CVS system (for complete product inspection via advanced computer vision algorithms), the PTC range is the industry benchmark; this year, it has been joined by the first complete line for ring-pull caps (highly practical caps for beers, soft drinks and energy drinks).

In addition to plant engineering solutions for every stage of beverage production, SACMI also provides, alongside cap manufacturing lines, a broad range of electronic-volumetric fillers with innovative neck-grip handling systems and electronic control solutions for the entire filling process, all characterised by advanced ergonomics and low maintenance. Solutions specifically designed to fill glass containers, such as the SACMI ELG, are also available; ideal for CSDs, sparkling water and beer, the latter offers outstanding process precision, filling cycle versatility and easy maintenance.


At Brau Beviale SACMI will also be showcasing a solution designed for the craft brewer segment, of increasing importance in Europe and the USA on account of the number of producers and the growing demand for quality and versatility. And SACMI’s combined bottle (glass or aluminium) and can solution offers plenty of versatility: launched only recently yet already installed by several major players in the industry, this solution allows fast size changeovers and agile, high-performance management of both packaging types.


An all-round partner from raw materials to supermarket shelf, SACMI also provides complete bottle labelling solutions. These range from the ultra-high productivity OPERA MODULAR series – designed for beers and spirits and capable of managing bottles of highly complex shape – to the KUBE range, the SACMI solution for medium output operations. The modular structure ensures the best versatility on the market as it lets users operate in parallel on multiple labelling technologies/systems while making use and maintenance easier. More specifically, the OPERA MODULAR solution on show at the fair will be equipped with a module designed to apply cold glue and self-adhesive labels on glass beer (and other alcoholic drink) bottles. Both the KUBE and OPERA MODULAR solutions are equipped with the automatic seal application system; they also feature LVS bottle positioning (i.e. in line with bas-relief features or the glass seam) and Quality Control systems.