SACMI Labelling and FFS to play leading role at CibusTec 2019

Three-yearly Parma-held fair to showcase the SACMI range for the industry. In the spotlight: OPERA and KUBE labellers, the global benchmark for versatility and performance. Alongside them: SACMI FFS, the one-step solution that combines container forming, filling and closure with major advantages in terms of sustainability and logistics


SACMI Beverage is set to play a leading role at the three-yearly CibusTec (22-25 October 2019, Fiere di Parma), one of the world’s biggest showcases for technological innovation in the food and beverage industry. The fair is expected to draw at least 35,000 international visitors from 108 countries.

Reliability, performance, sustainability and customisation are the hallmarks of SACMI’s solutions for the industry, solutions developed with plant engineering integration in mind. Parma, in fact, is home to the SACMI Beverage HQ, which coordinates all Group activities in this field, including design and development of the labellers built by SACMI Verona and sold worldwide. Moreover, visitors to CibusTec 2019 will have a great opportunity to take a close look at the OPERA range, the industry benchmark when it comes to high speed labelling of all container types.

Extensive scope for machine configuration makes SACMI OPERA, with its shared platform, the perfect solution for managing multiple labelling systems and technologies. More specifically, the MODULAR version ensures high performance while simultaneously meeting the need for frequent label and/or size changeovers and offering unmatched versatility and usability. Because it can combine various application types (adhesive, cold-glue, hot-melt, roll-fed) and handle different materials (glass, plastic, metal and HDPE for containers, paper or plastic for labels), the customer can enact real-time responses to market demand and enjoy ultra-high output rates of up to 72,000 cph.

Fair visitors will, in fact, be able to see the KUBE range with which SACMI has set a new global standard for medium speed labelling. Designed to maximise flexibility of use on what is an ever-evolving market, KUBE modular labellers are characterised by a hard-wearing, compact framework to which labelling units are connected outside the turret. This lets users handle, in parallel, different label application technologies – self-adhesive, hot glue and cold glue – with just one passage through the machine. With SACMI KUBE, unique levels of versatility are combined with exceptionally easy use and maintenance thanks to the modular structure, designed to grant easy access to vital machine parts.

One of the biggest benefiters of the advantages of the KUBE range, launched in 2014, is the wine industry; SACMI is present throughout the wine world thanks also to the takeover, three years ago, of long-standing wine-making machine provider Defranceschi.

Also on show at CibusTec will be FFS (form-fill-seal) technology. Available in a numerous configurations – in aseptic and non-aseptic versions with output rates of up to 100,000 containers/hour in 10 – 250 ml sizes – SACMI’s broad range of food packaging solutions provides all the advantages of a ‘one-stepsolution, reducing process costs, environmental impact and storage requirements. Starting with two reels of material – one holding thermo-formable plastic for the container and the other plastic mesh heat-seal lidding film, FFS technology lets manufacturers produce containers that are formed, filled with product and sealed in a single process, thus boosting process efficiency and hygiene with respect to alternative technologies.

The world’s only competitor equipped to respond, with proprietary technology and complete plants, to the needs encountered at every stage of food-beverage production, SACMI also provides a wide range of computer vision systems to ensure direct, high speed, on-line quality control. In this field, an in-depth understanding of materials and the development of cutting-edge AI algorithms has allowed SACMI to accelerate the development of inspection towards a broader monitoring concept involving every stage of the process.