SACMI demonstrates lightweight solutions at ProPak Asia

With CCM and the IPS preform machine range, SACMI helps their customers transition to one-piece plastic cap production lines

SACMI will be presenting its solutions at ProPak Asia, one of South East Asia’s biggest beverage and food packaging fair. On show are ready-to-market solutions that reduce the weight of the neck-cap system and, in the aluminum caps sector, solutions required for a smooth PVC-free transition 

A lightweight solution

With its knowledge and expertise in cap- and preform-making technologies, SACMI has developed lightened necks and caps and established new standards that are sustainable, both economically and environmentally.

Research and development begins in the laboratory, spanning from complete characterization of the materials and extending all the way to product development, in close collaboration with the major international brand owners.

For example. the GME 30.40 neck standard for CSD caps lets manufacturers reduce plastic consumption (PET and HDPE) by at least a third compared to today’s commonplace PCO 1881. For the customer, that means an immediate, tangible advantage.

The same solution can also be extended to water caps, yielding logistical savings. Alternatively, by staying with the traditional 29/25mm and taking advantage of SACMI-developed lightened necks, producers can cut material consumption by about 20% (from 2.4 to 2g).

SACMI also has tools that let manufacturers complete the transition to the 26/22mm standard, a global trend that is, once again, driven by the need to minimise environmental impact by saving raw materials.

From the product to the technology: SACMI CCM and IPS

With regards to bottled water, a necessity in Thailand and neighboring countries where many people have limited access to drinking water and CSDs, the transition announced by SACMI is reflected on its market positioning, with over 70% of installed one-piece cap production lines.

With CCM and the IPS preform machine range, SACMI provides a complete package to accompany manufacturers through this transition. Different parts of the world are proceeding, of course, at different paces, but they all have the same goals: to safeguard the environment and ramp up their competitiveness.

IoT: Enabling technologies that produces quantity and quality

The SACMI Smart Pack was recently integrated on latest-generation CCM compression machines. By using in-machine sensors that automatically control the process without any need for worker intervention, Smart Pack warns the operator when something is wrong, thus preventing waste and errors.

That same reactive control logic also sees vision systems taking on an increasingly central role. Here, visitors to the fair can check out exceptional new solutions such as the PVS156, the first vision system integrated on the press (IPS 300) to perform intensive inspection of preforms.

On the alu cap lining machine front, SACMI is driving the transition to PVC-free liners. From roll-on pilfer-proof caps to lugged caps, SACMI liner application technology ensures exceptional strength and sealing properties.

With SACMI PMA, PVC-free liner forming requires no oily substances or plasticisers, thus eliminating the risk of product contamination; on the complete aluminum screw cap line, output rates can reach 2,500 pieces per minute.

All solutions can be equipped with inspection systems (MVS range) produced by SACMI Vision Systems.

With over 200 cap presses and dozens of IPS preform presses installed in the area, SACMI understands the needs of different markets, from Thailand and Vietnam, to Cambodia and Indonesia.