Rousselot spotlights collagen solutions at Vitafoods 2023

Rousselot’s collagen peptides will be on showcase at this year’s Vitafoods

At Vitafoods 2023, Rousselot will present the benefits and applications of its collagen and gelatine solutions.

Collagen peptides for a world of health benefits

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle remains a priority for consumers worldwide and the use of supplements for enhancing health and wellness is becoming an increasingly popular solution to achieve this goal. As a more holistic view of health and well-being gains momentum, brands are placing a greater emphasis on adding ingredients with multiple benefits into their products.

Among the solutions Rousselot will spotlight at Vitafoods 2023, collagen peptides brand PEPTAN is the ingredient that will tap into this trend. From helping shoppers stay active and mobile at every stage of life, to boosting beauty from within, or improving sports recovery, this ingredient combines multiple benefits with versatile formulation properties. To further explore how the adaptability of collagen peptides can enhance manufacturers’ value proposition, Florencia Moreno Torres, Rousselot’s health and nutrition global business development manager, will host a session titled, “Tapping into holistic well-being with collagen peptides”.

COLARTIX, a hydrolysed cartilage matrix for joint health, made of naturally occurring collagen peptides and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) will also be a highlight at the event. In a recently published consumer study, performed in a real-life setting, Colartix was shown to decrease joint discomfort across gender, age and sport intensity.

Attendees will experience the endless versatility of these ingredients first-hand thanks to a range of samples from Rousselot’s application center. These include a peach-flavoured “Beyond Beauty” drink featuring Peptan and probiotics, as well as mobility gummies featuring Colartix.

Expertise equals innovative delivery forms

In addition to the collagen products on display, Rousselot will showcase its gelatine solutions; Stabicaps, specifically designed to achieve more stable softgels and SiMoGel, a gelatine technology solution which enables the production of nutraceutical gummies in a starch-free environment. Rousselot’s formulation experts will be available to discuss with supplement, capsule, and confectionery manufacturers how these solutions unlock the innovative delivery forms needed to meet the demands of consumer experience: good taste, convenience, new shapes and naturalness.

Visitors can try Rousselot’s samples, such as: 3D gummies, peppermint flavored sugar-free gummies, and “gummy caps” (center-filled gummies) made possible by SiMoGel.