Rousselot® showcases versatile gelatine and collagen solutions with innovative prototypes at Vitafoods 2021

Rousselot®, a Darling Ingredients brand and the global leader of collagen-based solutions,1 welcomed visitors at Vitafoods 2021. At this year’s event, Rousselot spotlighted its SiMoGel™ gelatine solution for fortified gummies and show how Peptan® collagen peptides can support connective tissues and boost Inner Strength™.

Convenience meets functional benefits: SiMoGel gelatin solution for fortified gummies

Rousselot’s latest SiMoGel solution unlocks the potential of liquid-centre functional gummies for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors. These centre-filled soft gummies – also known as ‘gummy caps’ – can offer a higher and more accurate dose of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) per serving than traditional gelatine fortified gummies. The SiMoGel starch-free production process removes the risk of API interaction or cross contamination between batches and the industry-leading setting time of just 15 minutes will help manufacturers boost ROI with a faster product delivery rate.

Visitors to Rousselot’s stand experienced several innovative SiMoGel application concepts, featuring ingredients such as zinc and Lipofer™ microcapsules (iron) for immunity support, ibuprofen for pain relief, and a combination of acacia honey, propolis extract and vitamin C to sooth sore throats.

Boosting Inner Strength, sustainably

Rousselot also introduced its new Inner Strength campaign which will spotlight its flagship bioactive collagen peptide solution, Peptan.

Peptan has been shown to support joint and bone health for improved mobility2-5, enhance hair and skin beauty6-7, and provide an effective nutritional solution for sports recovery.8 Rousselot has recently bolstered its portfolio with the launch of Peptan Marine – a range of premium collagen peptides sourced from 100% wild-caught whitefish. Peptan Marine features full certification by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), allowing producers to cater to the needs of today’s conscientious consumers.

Discover the versatile application potential of collagen peptides

At Rousselot’s stand, visitors connected with formulation experts and experience the adaptability of the company’s collagen brands through a collection of delicious and inspiring functional samples. These include: healthy nut-based ‘beauty balls’ and a sports recovery drink featuring Peptan; two Peptan Marine shots containing leading DSM premixes – a ginseng ‘beauty shot’ and an ‘immunity shot’ featuring elderberry extract – and a high protein snack bar fortified with ProTake™ hydrolysed collagen.

Florencia Moreno Torres, Rousselot’s market expert, hosted an industry-leading insights presentation on, ‘Collagen peptides, the hero ingredient for natural beauty from the inside out’. The free-to-attend presentation took place at the New Ingredients Theatre at 12:30pm on 6 October.

Attendees were welcomed to meet the team on stand I114 or visit Rousselot’s website to learn how Rousselot help created powerful nutraceutical products that meet the moment.


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