Rousselot presents sustainable collagen-based solutions at Fi Europe 2022

Rousselot will participate at Food Ingredients Europe 2022. At this year’s event, Rousselot will support the nutraceutical industry with natural collagen-based products that match the needs and values of sustainability-conscious consumers. Rousselot’s health and nutrition experts will offer insights about the latest trends on healthy lifestyle solutions for mobility during an exclusive, live presentation.

The fil rouge, throughout the three-day event, is the company’s experience in supporting the development of products with holistic or targeted health benefits, better-for-you formulations and innovative applications, with a focus on sustainability. Natural, responsibly-sourced and clean-label, Rousselot’s solutions support the nutraceutical industry towards a more efficient, sustainable future.

Trending in the right direction

At Rousselot’s discovery corner, visitors will be invited to explore trends in the food and nutraceutical space, such as functional confectionery, healthy reformulation, mobility and solutions for a healthy lifestyle. Rousselot’s gelatine and collagen portfolio can address these trends while also answering consumers’ demand for more natural and sustainable food products.

To further delve into collagen’s full health potential, Florencia Moreno Torres, health and nutrition global business development manager at Rousselot, will host a live presentation on “Mobility at the core of a healthy lifestyle: Adding value to F&B with collagen peptides.” She will be joined by Dr Jerk W Langer, author and health care professional from Denmark, and an expert on clinical collagen use. The presentation will take place on 6 Dec.

Inspiring better decisions with application prototypes

An additional highlight of Rousselot’s booth will be the innovation corner, where attendees can see its customers’ latest commercialised innovations and experience new application prototypes featuring Rousselot’s flagship products, including: Peptan, Colartix, SiMoGel and ProTake.

The prototypes will include: collagen drinks for holistic health featuring Peptan; fruity snacks for joint health with Colartix cartilage collagen matrix and sugar-free, vitamin-C rich gummy caps enhanced by the SiMoGel gelatine solution. Attendees can learn more about ProTake hydrolysed collagen portfolio, specifically designed to help brands reformulate for increased collagen and protein content.