Rousselot extends SiMoGel capabilities for centre-filled gummies

Rousselot, a Darling Ingredients brand, has announced the development of its latest SiMoGel concept for centre-filled gummies. This gelatine-based solution enhances process efficiency and flexibility for a faster, cost-effective and hygienic production of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical gummies. With this latest innovation within the SiMoGel range, gummy manufacturers will be able to develop centre-filled soft gummies that combine consumer preferences for chewable dosage forms, with the ability to include a broad range of nutrients at adequate dosage.

SiMoGel enables the production of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical soft gummies in optimal conditions. With SiMoGel, the traditional starch moguls are replaced by silicone moguls or blisters. The starchless depositing, which can be done in either silicone or metal moulds, or directly in blister packs, prevents cross-contamination of ingredients. This technique also enhances application possibilities in terms of shape and texture, making an array of formats including 3D and high-dimensional products possible.

Rousselot has been offering gelatine for a wide range of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. Its gelatines are known for their functional properties, suitability for immediate release dosing and versatility in format applications, and are therefore used in several types of delivery forms including capsules, soft gels, chewable or coated tablets, and in functional gummies.