Roquette to spotlight plant-powered prototypes at FiE 2023

Join Roquette FI Europe to discover the company’s latest insights and innovation in the plant-based food market

At this year’s edition of Fi Europe, Roquette will present new developments from the company’s recently opened Food Innovation Centre. Through a series of live cooking demonstrations, technical experts from the company will bring to life its comprehensive portfolio of plant-based ingredients through prototypes designed to address three key areas of food development: Positive Nutrition, New Cuisine and Transparency. From no-added sugar cookies to a plant-based fusion of a nem and a samosa, Roquette demonstrates a more sustainable and delicious future through culinary creativity.

“With over 50% of European consumers reducing their meat consumption and opting for tasty, healthy and affordable alternatives instead,1 this immersive on-stand experience enables manufacturers to explore new ways to meet this growing demand using our plant-based food solutions,” commented Benjamin Voiry, head of marketing plant proteins at Roquette. “The same technical experts who developed the food concepts will be preparing them fresh on-site and will therefore be on hand to explain how Roquette’s ingredients can be tailored to meet specific formulation needs.”

Positive nutrition for mindful indulgence

Bakery and snack producers can sample Positive Nutrition concepts that meet consumer needs for clean labeling, nutrition improvement, gut health, prebiotic effect and immunity, as well as sustainable manufacturing. This includes crunchy healthy bites formulated with Roquette’s NUTRIOSE 10 soluble fibre and NUTRALYS texturised pea protein, alongside no-added sugar biscuits made with NUTRIOSE 06 soluble fibre  and SweetPearl maltitol to meet the rising demand for sweet treats with low sugar content.

Plant-based ingredients for new cuisine

For brands looking to appeal to the 74% of global consumers craving unusual and exotic flavors,2 Roquette is set to showcase its plant-based nemossa, also featuring NUTRALYS plant protein. To complement this dish, the company will serve a tangy sweet and sour sauce, featuring its CLEARARM cook up starches.  

Transparency for a guilt-free confectionery experience

Demonstrating a novel approach to sustainable and transparent formulation, Roquette will present TiO2-free gums made with PREGEFLO pre-gelatinised starch helping to meet consumer demand for friendly-labelling. Visitors can also sample plant-based jellies and wine gums made with CLEARGUM LG thin boiling starch, highlighting an innovative approach to creating gelatine-free sweets with a mouth-watering texture.

“Our new concepts are designed to help food manufacturers meet consumer demand for budget-friendly nutrition at a time of increased economic uncertainty, as well as providing scalable solutions to today’s regulation challenges,” added Christine Beauvois, head of European Customer Technical Service at Roquette. “All while providing great taste and an indulgent experience. We look forward to collaborating with attendees to inspire the next generation of plant-based products that tick all the boxes.”