Rockwell Automation launches CUBIC across APAC

(Image: Rockwell Automation)

Rockwell Automation has announced the regional availability of its CUBIC product line. CUBIC specialises in IEC-61439 compliant modular enclosure systems for the construction of power and electrical panels.

The CUBIC product line serves fast-growing industries such as renewable energy, mining, data centres, chemical, food and beverage, and infrastructure. Previously available in a limited capacity in selected Asian markets, CUBIC will now be widely available across the region.   

A stable and reliable electrical power management system plays a crucial role in optimising manufacturing processes and paving the way for safer, more sustainable, smart manufacturing environments.

Conventional switchboards with fixed metal enclosures often integrate circuit breakers and electrical connection components within the same panelboard, where circuits are not entirely independent. During adjustments or maintenance of the switchboard, engineers risk interference with electrified circuits. This compromises safety and can lead to potential production line stoppages.

“CUBIC’s modular switchboards can help enterprises transition from conventional power systems to a safer, more sustainable and intelligent future,” said Eric Wo, Asia-Pacific MCC business manager at Rockwell Automation.

“The majority of industrial companies are still using traditional fixed switchboards. However, as global sustainability awareness rises these companies increasingly need to utilise IEC compliant intelligent power solutions. CUBIC’s modular switchboard system can help these companies to become more productive, improve employee safety, reduce downtime and better meet emerging global expectations for sustainable manufacturing.”

Switchboards and MCC are designed to defend equipment connected to a power supply from the threat of electrical overload. They control, protect, and isolate power systems. Modularity and standardisation improve performance and safety in a number of ways. Some key features and benefits include:

  • With a standardised modular design, the panel size and configuration can adjust to fit the available factory space, saving assembly time. Additionally, CUBIC’s multi-flexible copper busbars (CU-Flex) allow for connectivity in irregularly placed cabinet positions, enabling more flexible electrical configurations along production lines.
  • CUBIC’s pull-out automatic power-off feature can conduct individual panel maintenance, thus maintaining operational efficiency on the production line. Traditional panels require users to power off all circuits before undergoing maintenance. This process can often take an hour or more for simple maintenance.  However, with CUBIC, Rockwell customers have reported time savings of up to 95% on maintenance time reducing downtime from hours to minutes.
  • Adhering to the IEC 61439 Form1-4b standard, CUBIC prioritises the safety of both operators and equipment, supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals concerning sustainable production and consumption patterns.
  • CUBIC’s flat-pack packaging reduces the space required for transportation and assembly at the factory. Its tool-free assembly feature accelerates setup time, reduces the amount of packaging materials required, reduces transport costs and takes up less space on the factory floor – all reducing the product’s carbon footprint.
  • CUBIC’s Galaxy visualisation design software solution includes a 3D full-angle view feature to conduct comprehensive panel design and verification prior to build and installation.

During a digital transformation project, compliance, cost of implementation, and time of establishment are common considerations for a manufacturer. By utilising the CUBIC switchboard system, factories can start with implementing the power system before gradually adding other more complex areas. It can be a first step towards establishing a more sustainable and secure production environment.