Rethinking stress and nutrition with smart tech

myAir foodtech start-up leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise stress relief via botanically-infused nutrition bars.

Personalised nutrition start-up myAir has unveiled its nutritional solution for better management of stress. The company developed a series of plant-based nutrition bars with a personalised edge. Each formulation contains a botanical blend designed to deliver a specific stress-relief effect. The herbal extract blends are based on profiling machine learning technology, and are customised to the consumer’s stress profile and cognitive needs.

Each bar is composed of a blend of nuts and fruits, and infused with a formula of bioactive botanical extracts. These include extracts from sage, hops, oats, valerian, rosemary and others. They work synergistically to exert a specific stress-countering effect, whether to sharpen focus, revive energy, reduce anxiety, support relaxation, promote quality sleep and more.

Dovev Goldstein, founder and co-CEO of myAir, explained: “Stress has many facets. In our preliminary study, based on artificial intelligence, we discovered that different consumers generally have different stress symptoms that are more dominant than the others.

“For example, stress affects me mainly in the mornings, so my energy levels and focus are decreased. My partner feels the stress at night, and occasionally has problems getting fulfilling sleep. Each of us needs a personalised solution. This is where myAir as redefined the paradigm.”

The myAir team develops an algorithm based on physiological and psychological data. myAir’s online questionnaire creates profiling of an individual’s cognitive response to stress. Physiological responses to stress, including alternations in heart rate, respiration, sleep quality, and physical activity, are tracked via smart watches.

The company’s algorithm processes this data, then customises a combination of myAir bars to consumers’ needs from a range of formulas. The personalised combinations are available through a subscription service, and delivered monthly to the consumer’s doorstep.

Rachel Yarcony, founder and co-CEO of myAir, concluded: “Studies show that 75% of the population prefers to improve their quality of life by embracing a healthy diet rather than dosing up on prescribed medication. Meanwhile, 73% of adult snack to relax. Our concept effectively leverages AI technology to provide a simple-to-follow, customised nutritional solution to the global stress crisis.”