Reduce Machine Downtime by Eliminating Lubrication

xiros polymer ball bearings from igus are free from lubrication and maintenance. The xiros M180 is also detectable and resistant to media. (Source: igus GmbH)

The Cologne-based motion plastics specialist presents lubrication-free components for the food industry

For decades, igus GmbH has been providing the food industry with lubricant-free and cost-effective high-performance plastics for moving applications. These include a wide range of components that are FDA/EU certified and thus ideally suited for use in this industry, such as the tribo-tape made of iglidur A160 or the detectable xiros M180 polymer ball bearings.

Specific requirements must be met especially in the food industry as well as in the packaging and beverages industry. Freedom from lubricants is thereby an important criterion. Here, the motion plastics from igus display their strengths. Tailored to the specific requirements such as food hygiene and certification, the maintenance and lubrication-free products are ideally suitable for use here. Freedom from maintenance is a decisive advantage, due to the costs which are incurred when machinery is not in operation. Polymer plain bearings can be found today in a variety of applications, from the filling system and tubular bag machines up to disinfecting machines.

From tribo-tape to xiros polymer ball bearings

igus, the specialist for plastics in motion, offers a range of components and solutions for the food industry. Among them are the plain bearing materials iglidur A160 and iglidur A181. Due to high abrasion resistance, low moisture absorption and resistance to chemicals, both are particularly suitable for applications with direct contact with food. igus also displays the 0.5 mm thick tribo-tape made of the iglidur A160 material. It can be glued in many ways, giving great freedom in the design and lining of highly stressed gliding surfaces. The film is characterised by a low price and high wear resistance and is also FDA compliant. The same features are displayed by the xiros M180 polymer ball bearings. Advantages are, as with all xiros products from igus, the freedom from lubrication and maintenance. The xiros M180 ball bearing is also detectable and resistant to media. igus offers innovations even in the field of linear technology such as the drylin W slide system made of stainless steel in new installation sizes. This corrosion-resistant linear guide combines flexibility and resilience. With the use of V4A stainless steel, all components are extremely resistant to chemicals.