Redefine Meat to serve New-Meat range at HORECAVA 2023

Redefine Meat will present its product range at HORECAVA 2023 in The Netherlands

Redefine Meat will serve up its New-Meat product range as part of its premiere at HORECAVA 2023 from 9-12 Jan 2023. Offering the opportunity to “taste it to believe”, visitors will be able to try the meaty plant-based product range used by chefs in Europe, including Dutch Michelin-starred chef Ron Blaauw.

Redefine Meat’s latest New-Meat innovations will be available to sample on the booth, including its premium cut beef flank, which delivers the taste, texture and mouthfeel akin to a whole cut of animal meat. Also available for visitors is the company’s minced meat range, including kebab and Bratwurst, as well as the newly launched pulled meat range spanning beef and pork. The new culinary grade pulled meats from Redefine Meat deliver the exact mouthfeel of slow cooked meats without the need for lengthy cooking, reducing preparation time from hours to minutes and offering versatility in the kitchen.

Working intimately with leading chefs and butchers and utilising a range of technologies including additive manufacturing, AI and machine learning, the company has achieved what was previously considered impossible in the culinary world: delicious meat made from plants, with a level of product quality and variety suitable for high-end chefs and butchers. Embraced by meat-lovers, vegans and vegetarians alike, New-Meat is currently served in over 200 restaurants across the Netherlands.

Rene van de Cruijssem, country lead Benelux, Redefine Meat commented: “Having partnered with the Netherlands’ largest meat wholesalers and distributors, we’re extremely excited to premiere at Horecava and have its visitors taste the products. We hope that our nomination of the Horecava’s Innovation Award, will further accelerate this interest. Also demonstrated at the show is how the New-Meat range overcomes the two biggest barriers to mainstream adoption of plant-based meat: product quality and product variety. This is yet exemplified by the wide choice of Dutch restaurants now serving New-Meat, from Michelin-fine-dining and casual-dining venues to steakhouses and hotel chains — many of whom have never dared to offer plant-based products on their menu before.”