Redefine Meat returns to Internorga for the hospitality industry

Redefine Beef Flank with Chimichurri

Redefine Meat will premiere its latest plant-based products for the hospitality industry at Internorga 2023 from 10-14 Mar at Messe Hamburg. Redefine Meat will serve up a range of dishes for visitors using its plant-based “new-meat” ranging from flank to pulled at its booth, as well as the booth of company’s latest partner, German food logistics supplier, Dewender.

Redefine Meat has received recognition from the international culinary world for providing a level of product quality comparable to animal meat, and its ability to reproduce every part of animal meat from whole cuts of meat to minced meat products. At Internoga, visitors will be able to taste Redefine Meat’s latest product innovations, including the Redefine Beef Flank, Redefine Pulled Beef and the Redefine Bratwurst. Visitors will also be able to learn more about the technology behind the plant-based “blood”, “fat” and “muscle” formulations that make up new-meat.

Ulrich Strünck, commercial director DACH, commented: “Since the premiere of new-meat at last year’s Internorga, we’ve witnessed incredible demand across the German hospitality industry, with almost three hundred food service providers today serving our breakthrough range of whole cuts and minced meat products. We’ve also built a first-class supply chain comprising of the country’s leading meat distributors and wholesalers. Since beginning production at our first European factory in the Netherlands, we now have a logistic partner, Dewender, onboard to support our aggressive expansion plans across Germany in 2023. Our new-meat delivers the product quality and variety chefs have been waiting for and we encourage visitors to come and experience it at the show with all five senses.”

The Redefine Beef Flank offers a juicy, yet firm meaty bite by mimicking the complex muscle tissues of animal meat, making it suitable for steaks and roasts. Redefine Meat’s latest category of new-meat, the Pulled Beef and Pulled Pork, maintain the taste and texture of slow-cooked meats, with a cooking time of just minutes instead of hours. Designed for the German market, the Redefine Bratwurst offers a product close to animal-based meat, with a similar level of juiciness, and fatty mouthfeel that defines traditional pork products.

The company has also announced its first DACH logistics partner, Dewender, which will supply Redefine Meat’s roster of wholesalers and food service providers across Germany with new-meat from its recently opened factory in the Netherlands. An established warehousing, logistics and distribution family business, Dewender currently supplies hundreds of thousands of premises nationwide.

Stephen Dewender, CEO of Dewender commented: “Redefine Meat has created an incredibly innovative product portfolio. The overall tastiness and high quality of new-meat thoroughly impressed us from the first bite, alongside the sustainability benefits, so we were keen to be the one to begin its distribution nationwide from its production site in the Netherlands.”