Redefine Meat announces product expansion with new categories

Redefine Meat has unveiled a product expansion with five new New-Meat products ahead of SIAL, one of Europe’s largest food exhibitions, which will be held from 15–19 Oct. These include two new premium cuts, Redefine Tenderloin and Redefine Striploin, as well as an entirely new category of “pulled” meat featuring pulled beef, pulled lamb and pulled pork. The new products are now available for the food service segment in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Israel.

Following the success of Redefine Meat’s first commercially–launched Flank steaks — endorsed by Michelin-starred chefs across Europe — the company has expanded its premium cuts range with Redefine Tenderloin and Redefine Striploin. Using Redefine Meat’s additive manufacturing technology, these cuts deliver the texture and characteristics of a beef steak. Redefine Tenderloin provides the gastronomic experience of a beef fillet, with convincing gradations in colour and texture. Cut into strips, Redefine Striploin is a tender cut, with delicate grill notes that give chefs the ability to bring creativity and versatility to a wide range of cuisines.

Created with chefs, Redefine Meat’s new Pulled Meat range opens up a brand-new plant-based category in food services, fulfilling an unaddressed market need from chefs for high-quality pulled meats. Not only does the Redefine Pulled Meat range deliver the sensory experience of the animal-based equivalent, but it also has culinary advantages over animal meat. It enables chefs to serve a wide range of pulled meat dishes without the need for slow cooking, reducing cooking from hours to minutes, and associated energy and water costs, as well as the need for skilled staff.

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and co-founder of Redefine Meat, commented: “We’re extremely excited to introduce our most advanced products to date, marking a historic year for Redefine Meat with thirteen New-Meat products introduced in five different countries and rapidly growing. Leveraging our unique position of working intimately with the highest calibre of chefs in several countries has enabled us to understand the precise needs of those who know meat best and develop high–quality products that address the specific demands of each market. By setting new benchmarks in product quality, we’re the only company driving the widespread proliferation of New-Meat products — creating entirely new market categories within food services. This hugely untapped market opportunity is why we believe we’re uniquely positioned to be the world’s biggest meat company in the future.”

In less than 12 months since commercially launching in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Israel, almost 1,000 food service locations are currently serving New-Meat, ranging from fine-dining and fast-casual venues to steakhouses and hotel chains. Redefine Meat also recently launched into the pork market with its high-quality Bratwurst sausage, adding to its beef and lamb portfolio and showcasing the versatility of its technology.