Reach Further Together with our Customers: Creative Sharing at Rousselot Innovation Days

Son, Netherlands – [24 June 2016] Rousselot recently held two successful Innovation Days at its Global Expertise Centre in Ghent, Belgium, on 7 and 8 June. This third event of the series focussed on the protein nutrition growth opportunities for food, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical companies.

Customers gained access to in-depth market insights and technological platforms that help address new consumer-led product development challenges. They also learnt about the application of high potential ingredients such as Peptan® collagen peptides and ProTake™ hydrolyzed gelatin. A bioactive ingredient, Peptan has proven health benefits for bone/joint/muscle and addresses mobility, healthy aging and skin beauty concerns while ProTake is an ideal fortification solution to meet the growing nutritional protein trend.

An interesting example that has progressed from creative delivery concept and co-innovation to commercial launch is Fortified Food Coating, now marketed in several countries. It allows the manufacture of restaurant-quality ready meals, coated with a gelatin glaze encapsulating Peptan collagen peptides, calcium and Vitamin D and particularly suitable for senior consumers. This “Gourmet Glaze” enhances the visual appeal of food and makes it more nutritious with extra protein, vitamins and minerals to support vitality.

Meeting the increasing consumer demand for scientifically proven ingredients, Peptan is backed by a variety of scientific studies undertaken by leading institutes. At the event, the renowned French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), presented findings on the effects of collagen on bone health. In addition, success stories of consumer education on the science behind Peptan were shared, as well as a variety of finished products including Minerva’s Gold Collagen – “a top selling collagen beauty shot in the UK”.

Rousselot Global Research and Applications Director, Paul Stevens, commented: “These innovation days really highlight how we work together with our customers and how they truly benefit from our expertise, and we benefit from theirs. Such close collaboration creates shorter and more effective routes to nutritional market and increases the number of successful product launches containing our star ingredients, Peptan and Pro-Take.

“Peptan’s and ProTake’s versatile capabilities allow manufacturers to create products that support “a healthy day from breakfast to dinner”, ultimately fulfilling consumers’ demand for increased nutrition throughout the day.”