Qupaq flex loader offers flexibility and capacity

The new Qupaq flex loader loads up to 300 products per minute and transitions across tray type, and variety and quantity of products

Qupaq has launched the Qupaq flex loader, which combines all features from previous models in terms of adaptability and speed. The solution will be revealed at Anuga Food Tec 2024 in Cologne, Germany.

The Qupaq flex loader combines performance and modular flexibility, allowing it to adapt to different trays and product types on the same product line. The elimination of space between trays and the tray loading feature, generating a vacuum on a perforated belt, has also increase capacity.. As a result, trays will be processed faster and with greater control.

The flex loader also switches between tray types (different sizes, materials, and shapes) and product type (such as minced and sliced meats) in less than a minute, and with no mechanical alternation. Its design further allows a compact inline fit, which is adaptable to any product line setup.

“This is a completely different mechanical concept than we have ever used before. With our Qupaq flex loader, you simply adjust the belts in the loading bay rather than changing anything mechanically when you want to switch from one tray type to another,” said Carsten Trudslev, product manager at Qupaq.

Capacity is important in the meat-packing industry, where seasonal variations in meat products call for flexibility and high-capacity processing. Facing the need to load up to 300 portions of sliced meat per minute, an international food company reached out to Qupaq for the development of the flex loader

“Previously in the meat-packing industry, you would typically have one production line dedicated to minced meat, an adjacent line for steaks, and a third line for stacked meat. This layout, however, often led to inefficient utilisation due to varying demands for different products resulting in some lines operating at full capacity while the others remained idle. To meet the increasing market demands for more flexible layouts, we wanted to combine multi-product step-loading capabilities with straightforward single-product loading in one single solution. Our Qupaq flex loader accommodates this by allowing quick adjustments and combining functionality of multiple lines into one. Meat companies will find it valuable for packing meat products in different patterns in trays, whether in portions, piles, or layers,” said Trudslev.

The design and technology of the Qupaq flex loader allows it to work with other types of tray-feeding systems on the market. It may therefore be added to existing production lines.