Quickly print wear-resistant parts for food contact with new igus filament

3D printing material, iglidur A350, ensures lubrication-free, FDA-compliant and temperature-resistant parts in the packaging industry.

Hygienic solutions are labelled the be-all and end-all in the packaging and food industry. For this reason, many users have deployed iglidur plain bearings and bar stock made of polymers from igus. To empower users with design freedom in the construction of their machine, igus has developed its iglidur A350 as a 3D printing tribo-filament.

In times of competitive pressure and short-term deliverability, machines in the packaging and food industry have to function faster and more flexibly for different formats. Accordingly, the requirements for functional components in different dimensions and small quantities are high.

Niklas Eutebach, additive manufacturing development engineer at igus, explained: “As the machines in the packaging and food industry are becoming more and more customised, solutions for plain bearings and wear-resistant parts in various shapes are required. In order to give the user even more design freedom in the construction of their system, we have now developed iglidur A350 as a tribo-filament.”

The iglidur A350 is already available as a plain bearing in standard dimensions and as bar stock directly from stock. The material is designed for use in food and packaging technology. Furthermore, the polymer features temperature resistance up to 180-degree Celsius, and can be cleaned with chemicals.

The iglidur A350 material complies with EU Regulation 10/2011 and the FDA, and is therefore approved for contact with food. Due to its blue colour, iglidur A350 is easier to detect and increases safety in production. The durability of the material is particularly evident in pivoting and rotary applications, and with high and medium loads on stainless steel shafts. The filament is available for self-printing on a high-temperature 3D printer, as well as in the 3D printing service from igus.