Quick Opening and Filling: Energy Supply for Robots in a New Size

Even when mounted on the robot, the triflex TRLF can be opened anytime quickly and easily. The replacement of cables or a complete refilling can be done very quickly. (Source: igus GmbH)

Even more cables can be fitted in a matter of seconds with the triflex TRLF.125.

The motion plastics specialist igus has expanded its range of multi-axis energy chains and introduces a new size for the lightweight triflex TRLF. With 125 millimetres diameter, this is the largest in the range and can safely guide even more cables and hoses. The e-chain for torsional movements is impressive with very fast assembly and disassembly, which significantly reduces shut-downs. For this reason, it is extremely popular with robot manufacturers and users.

Industrial robots have become indispensable in production today, as they save a lot of labour and time. In order to achieve this in the equipment on the robot itself, the motion plastics specialist igus has developed the multi-axis triflex TRLF energy chains, which are now available in a new size. The ‘L’ in the product name stands for ‘light’ because material is saved through the open design of the individual links, but at the same time the cables and hoses are still guided safely. The ‘F’ stands for ‘flip open’ and describes the mechanism very well: “Each single chain link has three pivotable cross bars that can be opened up at any time by hand or wiith a screwdriver,” explains Harald Nehring, authorised agent for e-chainsystems at igus. “This allows the filling with big cable diameters or hose packages.” With the new size TRLF.125 with a nominal diameter of 125 millimetres, even large and/or stiff hoses or a large number of individual cables can be inserted quickly and easily.

Quickly assembled, safely guided

By dispensing with continuous support elements like steel cables or spring elements, the assembly and disassembly of triflex TRLF is as easy as the filling. The chain can be extended any time by snapping on new links using the ball-and-socket joints. The chain can be shortened easily by hand, simply by rotating the chain links with little force.

In this way the triflex TRLF is strong enough to simultaneously guide various cables for energy, data and media. By the 3 way interior separation, defined minimum bending radius and a torsion of about +/- 200 degrees per metre of chain, a reliable guidance is ensured and damage to the cables and hoses is prevented.

Here you can see how simple the assembly and disassembly of triflex TRCF is: https://youtu.be/zJt7FjqRBT4