Protein-fortified dairy alternative beverages for healthy ageing

A comprehensive and nutritional diet that targets what consumers eat and drink can offer dietary benefits for healthy ageing.

By Lee Jie Ying, senior strategic marketing manager of plant-based at Kerry APMEA and Genny Tan, business development manager of AH&N at Kerry APAC & Southeast Asia

More consumers today accept ageing as a natural life process. This shift in mindset towards active ageing is embraced not just by older people, but also the younger crowd. Amongst millennials, 40% are already taking steps to age healthily from age 30. This trend is bolstered by the fact that the world’s population is ageing faster than previous generations. In Asia, the median age by 2050 is 41 — up from 31 in 2020 — and higher than the world average. Millennials, who comprise 23% of the global population, are starting to enter the ageing demographic, with 60% living in Asia Pacific.

Younger consumers want to live better in their later years and understand that to enjoy quality of life, mental alertness and physical wellbeing are important. In fact, 58% of consumers globally say that staying physically active is key to healthy ageing. With this, nutrition plays a big role in supporting a sound mind and healthy body.

The full article can be found on Food & Beverage Asia’s October/November 2022 issue here.