Probi Completes Acquisition of Nutraceutix

On 6 June 2016, Probi AB (publ) (“Probi”) announced that the company, through its US subsidiary Probi USA, Inc., has signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire the operations of the US probiotic company TNTGamble, Inc., doing business as Nutraceutix (“Nutraceutix”). The acquisition was completed today on 3 October, 2016.

“Together, Probi and Nutraceutix will become one of the top global players in probiotics and offer top-tier competitive advantages gained by the integration of strong R&D and delivery technologies, global business development and turnkey manufacturing capabilities,” says Peter Nählstedt, CEO of Probi.

An exciting new position will be secured by the new entity, with promising potential for core business growth and new development in the probiotic market – both in the US and globally. Probi and Nutraceutix are a perfect match with complementary businesses.

Probi and Nutraceutix’ suppliers and partners will benefit from a new global footprint and broader distribution channels, new research, development and project opportunities, strong expected business growth, and continued strategic relationships with the new company.

Probi and Nutraceutix have started the integration project and are aiming to implement a rapid and productive integration. The new company will have the Probi name and market both the Probi and Nutraceutix brands. Already this week, Probi and Nutraceutix will be present together at the major industry tradeshow, Supply Side West, in Las Vegas in order to meet with existing and potential customers and suppliers.

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