ProAmpac debuts CurbSafe tamper-evident home delivery bags

ProAmpac has unveiled its newest retail and foodservice packaging product, CurbSafe, a recyclable, polyethylene bag designed for delivery of food and specialty retail products.

Chad Murdock, president of food service, retail and secure packaging division at ProAmpac, pointed out that the company’s retail and restaurant customers have adapted to online ordering by increasing the availability and quality of their home-delivery and curbside pickup during the outbreak of COVID-19.

“Our CurbSafe packaging offers a tamper-evident design, deterring drivers from sampling what’s inside during delivery. This provides assurance goods arrive in the same state as when they were packaged,” Murdock added.

CurbSafe bags offer a tamper-evident tape seal that protects the product inside. If the bag is opened, the seal cannot be reclosed. A perforation below the tamper-evident tape allows for easy opening by consumers. In addition, vent holes are included at the top of the bag to allow steam from hot food to escape. CurbSafe bags are available in either clear or white film, with customisable printing to support branding.

As the newest member to ProAmpac’s ProActive Sustainability product line, CurbSafe bags contain various percentages of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, based on customer requirements. CurbSafe bags are designed for in-store drop-off recycling as well as polyethylene film collection streams.