Prinova to launch enduracarb at Vitafoods Europe

Prinova Europe will launch a new high-purity trehalose ingredient for athletic endurance at Vitafoods Europe 2022.

Prinova is a supplier of ingredients, premix manufacturing and product development solutions for the food, beverage and nutrition industries. At Vitafoods Europe, visitors to Prinova’s stand will be able to sample its new enduracarb branded ingredient as part of an energy gel product concept.

Made from trehalose, enduracarb is a slow-acting “double sugar” designed to fuel muscles over long periods of time. It has been shown to enhance performance, reduce insulin spikes and combat dehydration while masking bitterness and providing stabilisation properties.

Tony Gay, Prinova Europe’s technical sales director, said: “Emerging as the fuel of choice for endurance, enduracarb can help sports nutrition products stand out from the competition. This science-backed branded ingredient taps into current fitness trends and powers athletes’ performances when they need it most.”

Prinova will also demonstrate its wide-ranging formulation capabilities with further finished product concepts covering a range of formats and health needs. Highlights will include:

  • The vegan-friendly EAAlpha Recovery Drink, which has been proven to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and combat muscle wastage
  • A female bone health drink featuring Aquamin to ensure the normal maintenance of bones
  • A sugar-free nootropic gamer powder for focus, hydration and energy support
  • Alpha Waves powder to support mental performance throughout the day
  • Eye health gummy bears to support vision and eye health

Gay added: “We’ve developed an array of exciting new concepts for Vitafoods Europe and there will be plenty more to discover on the stand. At Prinova, we can provide all the assistance your brand needs to achieve success – from concept to completion. As a single-source partner, we offer cutting-edge ingredients, innovative concept development and formulation expertise to take your products to the next level.”

Vitafoods Europe 2022 takes place in Geneva from 10-12 May. Prinova Europe will exhibit at Stand G40.