Politainer Offers Logistical and Hygiene Benefits

RPC Promens Industrial’s unique UN-approved Politainer™ combi pack offers manufacturers in a wide variety of markets a number of significant benefits in the filling, storage and transportation of products.

Available in sizes from one to 30 litres, Politainer™ comprises a PE container held within a sturdy cardboard outer. As well as delivering a material reduction of as much as 75% compared to rigid containers, empty packs are shipped flat packed – 1440 five litre packs can be placed on just one pallet – which maximises storage and greatly reduces the impact of transportation in terms of both cost and the environment.

In addition, RPC Promens offers a unique closed filling system, whereby the Politainer™ can be directly linked to a filling machine via special connectors, providing a mess-free operation that also minimises the risk of contamination.

Equally important, the Politainer™ collapses as the product is used, which helps to ensure complete evacuation of the container with minimal residue. The collapsed PE container, which is fully recyclable, also aids disposal.                                                               …./

RPC Promens is the only company in Europe which can offer this unique system, with the ability to adapt connectors to meet precise customer filling requirements. Politainer™ is suitable for many different applications including chemicals, inks, pharmaceuticals and food, and the container is also available in a coex EVOH / PA version.