Polish packaging manufacturer adopts Essentra’s Rippatape for e-commerce solutions

Adams Packaging, a Polish manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging, has utilised Essentra Tapes’ Rippatape brand to help it meet an increase in consumer demand for functional e-commerce packaging.

Ease of opening and easy return boxes have seen growth, and Adams Packaging was therefore seeking a solution to integrate tear tapes within its boxes. Paxton House, distributor of Essentra Tapes in Poland, supported Adams to identify the ideal tape solution for its corrugated production lines. The tape-based opening device for board and paper-based packaging Rippatape was selected, and a 6mm wide, 60-micron tape was delivered to Adams for trial.

Jarosław Kaczmarek, technologist at Adams Packaging, said: “Essentra Tapes offered us the tear tape solution we were looking for, and worked hard to clearly identify our needs so that the Rippatape product chosen was perfectly matched to our expectations.”

Intuitive to use and easy to implement, Rippatape provides fast access to the contents of corrugated and fibreboard packaging. Rippatape is also applied to new and existing production lines, offering speeds of up to 450 metres a minute at the point of manufacture by using Essentra’s applicators.

“Essentra Tapes not only fulfilled all our orders in a timely manner, but also kept in constant contact with us. Since installation, the Rippatape has proved itself to be 100% successful across our production process, providing the perfect combination of adhesion and strength to allow us to use the full speed range of our machines,” Kaczmarek added.

Available in a range of colours, and also now printed, Rippatape has allowed corrugated manufacturers integrated easy opening within their e-commerce packaging solutions, and also keeps the integrity of the box for managing returns. In addition, the tamper-evident nature of Rippatape gives an indication if a package has been opened previously, providing customer confidence on the authenticity of the delivery and its contents.

And from a sustainability perspective, Rippatape does not impede on the recycling of the boards that it is applied to, allowing the tape to be recycled through established recycling processes. This, according to Essentra, is a key benefit of the company’s water-based adhesive solution.

Ian Beresford, head of marketing and development for Essentra Tapes, concluded: “As the demand from consumers for e-commerce packaging increases, so we are seeing an increased interest in Rippatape, with its simple and effective integration enabling manufacturers to include easy-opening solutions into their boxes. We are delighted that in conjunction with our distributors Paxton House, we have been able to react quickly to Adams’ needs and provide the benefit of easy opening to their many customers throughout Poland.”