Plastigraf Trevigiana expands portfolio with acquisition of Comexi ML2 laminator

Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector; and Plastigraf Trevigiana, an Italian company that specialises in the lamination of paper, plastic, and bioplastic films, have strengthened their relationship after the acquisition of a Comexi ML2 laminator equipped with Jumbo winders. The decision to configure the machine with an unwinder and a rewinder for reels with diameters and weights greater than those traditionally used will allow Plastigraf Trevigiana to expand its range of products, as well as offer high-quality tailor-made finishes for all customer needs. Although this is the third Comexi laminator purchased by the Italian company, it is the first solvent base.

Plastigraf Trevigiana is based in the Italian town of Carbonera, near Venice, and was established in 1980. As a result of focusing, for the past three years, on the lamination of plastic and bioplastic films with a wide range of cellulosic supports, the company has been able to advantageously produce multilayer multi-material products for paper recycling with the use of intermediate materials, which have a low plastic content of fossil origin. The decisions made during this period coincided with an increase of orders and billings, allowing for a workforce and profit increase of nearly 20%.

The collaboration between Plastigraf Trevigiana and Comexi began in 2008 with the installation of the first solventless laminator at the Carbonera plant.

“During these 13 years we have been able to not only appreciate the productivity and longevity of this machine, but also the timely assistance, ever-present technical support, professionalism, and availability of Comexi,” explained Alessandro Capoferri, chief executive officer of the Italian company. “Consequently, we have decided to expand our production department, opting to once again trust Comexi and be the first European company to install a Jumbo-equipped ML2 laminator. We are conscious and proud of our ownership of this machine, which is unique within its category.”

Capoderri further stated: “The new Comexi ML2 will allow us to laminate paper reels with plastic and bioplastic films, as well as apply varnishes on the cardboard, while reducing machine downtime to a minimum.”

The Comexi ML2 laminator is a versatile machine and can be configured not only to laminate two materials with solvent-based, water-based or solventless adhesives, but also with lacquer. Furthermore, the machine has the following printing capabilities with a single production line: one colour with flexo or gravure technology; registered or continuously. The Comexi ML2 laminator’s ergonomic design allows daily operations to be performed, simply and intuitively, at the highest speed, subsequently maximising production and minimising downtime.

Capoferri, concluded: “For our company, the main objective is to improve the quality of offered products, being repeatedly attentive of the continuous innovations allowed by technological development, and foreseeing future investments in relation to market demands. Decisions are consistently made oriented towards understanding and anticipating market needs, thus enabling Plastigraf Trevigiana to occupy an important position among companies in the field of research and product innovation.”