Plastic Beats Metal: iglidur L350 Bearing Rotates Quickly, Wears Slowly

Test winner: In the igus test lab, iglidur L350 came ahead of sintered bearings with significantly lower wear rates especially at very high speeds. (Source: igus GmbH)

New material for constant high speeds tested against sintered bearings and found even more cost-effective

As a result of continuous research and development, igus has now presented a new lubrication-free and maintenance-free material for very high speeds in continuous operation. The iglidur L350 is ideally suitable for use in fans, blowers or electric motors – and at an even lower cost. In rotational tests in the igus test laboratory, the material proved its full potential against metallic solutions.

Friction and wear play a very important role, especially where permanently fast rotations prevail. With iglidur L350, another lubrication-free and maintenance-free material from igus is now available, which is designed for permanently high speeds. The new high-performance plastic for moving applications scores high compared to other solutions such as metallic sintered bearings due to the much higher resilience against impacts and edge pressure. In igus’ own test laboratory, the bearing made of iglidur L350 also showed a three-fold reduction in wear at speeds of 1.5 m/s. And while sintered bearings reached their limits at still higher speeds, the coefficients of friction and wear for iglidur L350 plain bearings remained constantly low.

Low-cost Tribo plain bearings for dynamic applications

The new material can be used due to the low thermal expansion of the bearings even in demanding ambient conditions with temperatures of up to +210°C. Due to the low moisture absorption, the contact with different media is also safe. With continuous research, the price of iglidur L350 could also be reduced by 50 percent compared to similar igus materials. The iglidur L350 is suitable for a wide range of applications, from fans, blowers and electric motors to simple household appliances. It is the alternative to oil-impregnated sintered bearings, both for the initial installation and for the retrofit. Plain bearings made of iglidur L350 can be calculated and ordered online; the material is also available for the development and production of customer-specific geometries and bearing solutions.