Plant-based chicken brand Haofood partners with convenience store chain Lawson

Haofood’s all-new satay nugget on a stick

Haofood’s satay nugget on a stick will retail at 2,300 Lawson stores in China.

Plant-based chicken brand Haofood has announced a new partnership with Chinese convenience store Lawson where customers will gain greater access to its products. Starting today, Haofood’s new satay nugget on a stick will retail at 2,300 Lawson stores in China.

“I am thrilled to be partnering with Lawson and look forward to bringing a different experience to our customers with our new satay nugget on a stick. At Haofood, our goal is to make plant-based chicken products accessible to people. We set our focus on China, the world’s most populous country for a start, as we believe that there can be a significant impact on carbon footprint reduction as customers here turn towards alternative meat products,” shared Astrid Prajogo, founder and CEO of Haofood.

The collaboration comes at a time where China’s millennials are embracing and adopting flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets in record numbers as they increasingly become aware of the environmental impact and health concerns brought about by meat consumption. ​​While there is a growing appetite for sustainable alternatives to meat, customers in China demand great-tasting products. Haofood thus delivers its Innotein technology, aplant-based chicken with texture similar to real meat, and a stronger umami sensation.

The majority of the global population has great concerns for the environment and their health, and this has been especially evident with the pandemic fuelling a shift in consumers’ lifestyles and eating habits. An IPSOS study published in 2020 indicated that 95% of consumers in China have heard of plant-based meat products, with 61% of the opinion that consumption of plant-based meat products will be beneficial to their health, and 41% of the opinion that it reduces carbon footprint. At the same time, stresses from modern everyday life, including being in fast-paced work environments, have contributed to an uptake in convenient ready-to-eat products among younger consumers globally.

With these consumption habits taking prevalence, Haofood created the new satay nugget on a stick for Chinese consumers who are looking for convenience and particular when it comes to the taste and nutritional benefits. For the satay nugget, Haofood adopted the use of soybeans, coupled with Haofood’s Innotein technology. The satay nugget on a stick is high in protein and fibre with zero trans-fat, making an ideal choice for a busy work day or even a summer picnic with friends and family.

“This ties back to our mission of sustaining happiness from good food forever. We want to unite past, present and future through the creation of traditional dishes with our innovative, futuristic products that allow consumers to enjoy sustainable food in the present. We will continue to seek ways to innovate, improve and bring people sustainable alternatives to meat while preserving cultural norms in cooking and making a positive impact on the Earth,” added Astrid.

Through this partnership, Haofood will leverage Lawson’s 25-years of market experience to accelerate its retail strategy and product availability in China, bringing its product to consumers. The new satay nugget on a stick is available at 2,300 Lawson stores in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces.