PharmaLinea addresses iron deficiency in South East Asia

Local fit delivery forms presented in Asia for the first time.

PharmaLinea team has returned to Bangkok for Vitafoods Asia 2022, with their products addressing a pressing issue in the South East Asia market: iron deficiency. PharmaLinea’s solution come in trending delivery forms, fit for local market. The new PharmaLinea products will be presented for the first time in Asia, and includes:

  • >Your< Iron Forte Orosticks
  • >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks
  • >Your< UTI Free Orosticks;

as well as a new product line addressing gut health:

  • >Your< Prebiotiq Line

Jernej Klopčič, business development director at PharmaLinea, commented: “Southeast Asian markets have been of strategic importance to PharmaLinea for many years now. Unfortunately, in the past couple of years, Covid restrictions prevented us from visiting the region. Vitafoods Asia 2022, therefore, represents a unique opportunity for us not only to initiate discussions with new potential clients but to meet our existing partners too. We are looking forward to meeting our partners and engaging in exciting new opportunities.”

Iron deficiency in SEA

Iron deficiency is a pressing issue in Southeast Asia. WHO data shows, that countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are high in anemia prevalence among women of reproductive age and children. Notably, the numbers are higher than in several countries with very established and sizeable iron supplement markets (Italy, Serbia, Romania, Brazil) or fast-developing markets (Germany).

SAE markets have higher iron deficiency rates than markets where we see high growth in the iron food supplement category. Many women and children are in need of quality iron products, but most currently available products in the market are based on simple iron salts. Those often cause severe side effects and come with an unpleasant metallic taste. Rare products have high and clinically supported efficacy. The majority of products are developed in pill forms, less suitable for women and children.

This was why PharmaLinea decided to expand one of their most successful lines, >Your< Iron Line, and utilise their experience in advanced product forms to develop line extensions with a better user experience and differentiation for their clients. The chosen delivery form of direct sticks is particularly fitting for consumers in South East Asia, as market data shows.

In-demand format

“Direct sticks are a great format for consumers, particularly for women and children, who are especially vulnerable to iron deficiency, and therefore an excellent alternative to the prevailing pill format. They can use them on-the-go, without water, there’s less chance of spilling or wrong measurements. It seems the format is also in high demand with Southeast Asian consumers. But for manufacturers, they bring several challenges, especially when it comes to orodispersible powders. We are very limited with the amount of powder that is pleasant to consume in this way and therefore there is little space for actives and excipients. Additionally, taste buds are in direct contact with very concentrated ingredients. A lot of knowledge and effort is required to be able to deliver good orodispersibility, pleasant taste, the right amount of powder, no teeth or tongue staining, no stickiness, etc. And to do this sugar-free, which is a common requirement today. We are very pleased with the development achievement our R&D was able to deliver with the new products,” said Denis Đalapa, technical director at PharmaLinea

Mintel GNPD data has shown that direct stick form is very popular in Asia. Sixty-four percent of all new dietary supplement product launches in direct stick form in 2021 came from the Asia Pacific region, with more than half being in South Korea, followed by Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand.


>Your< Iron Line will be joined by two new line extensions in the form of direct sticks with liquid (>Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks) and with orodispersible powder (>Your< Iron Forte Orosticks).

>Your< Iron Line is present in over 20 markets. Its three key advantages include taste, diminished chance of side effects, and clinically proven efficacy; supported by a clinical trial and comparative study is the >Your< Iron Syrup.

The second part of our new generation product launches

“For the second part of our new generation product launches, we focused on digestive health. According to Mintel, digestive health is the third most common claim of Asia-Pacific supplement launches in the past 5 years and probiotics and prebiotics have especially been gaining popularity in the region. Companies like Kalbe Farma (IDN), Blackmores (AUS), GreenLife (SGP), Ildong (KOR), Daewoong (KOR), and GSK (TWN/CHN) have all launched probiotic and/or prebiotic supplements in the past year and a half, many of those for children. Prebiotics have advanced significantly in recent years and we were finally able to develop a product that we are confident will bring consumers the promised benefits. Lastly, we took one of our most successful lines (>Your< UTI Free Line) and enhanced it with an ever-better user experience,” said Matevž Ambrožič, marketing and PR director at PharmaLinea

“We’re excited about the new prebiotic-based product line for several reasons. Probiotics are a big trend, but they face the undeniable issue of shelf-life stability, transport stability, and even digestive tract survival. With prebiotics we are bypassing all these obstacles, which allows us to be much more certain of the active ingredients delivering the effects that were shown in clinical trials in practice, to the consumers. Additionally, with probiotics you introduce new, foreign strains into your system without knowing your microbiome composition, whereas with prebiotics we are promoting the growth of existing beneficial microflora. It is inherently the less invasive approach. We were able to develop products with efficacy in low dosages and therefore continue the modernization of prebiotic use from high volumes in functional food format to convenient volumes in food supplement format,” said Maja Orešnik, science and research director at PharmaLinea


>Your< Prebiotiq Line offers efficacy and stability for their users, addressing the huge consumer demand in gut health. The line is based on one of the most awarded prebiotic ingredients of recent years, used by several major global brands.

>Your< Prebiotiq Capsules are formulated to promote a healthy microbiome composition and thus maintain regularity and digestive comfort. The ingredients are clinically shown to promote growth of beneficial microflora, significantly decrease digestive discomfort, and improve regularity.

>Your< Prebiotiq Acute Sachets are a natural solution for constipation, delivering bowel regularity in a mild and gradual manner. Clinically studied ingredients are shown to aid digestion through enzymatic activity, fibre content, and promoting growth of beneficial microflora.

Urinary tract

>Your UTI Free Orosticks are the latest addition to the exceptionally commercially successful >Your< UTI Free Line. The new convenient and tasty, orodispersible direct sticks present a differentiation opportunity in an established market.

>Your< UTI Free Line is a natural solution for UTI prevention or acute use with an outstanding track record of market response. Launches in various regions have shown significant prescription rates and sales due to the product’s efficacy and quality of clinical support.

Developed using the best available branded cranberry ingredient with a unique production and delivery system, it is enhanced by a clinically relevant dose of D-mannose and a branded microencapsulated vitamin D3 source.