Parkside Rivals Existing Packaging Formats in Convenience Foods Category

Convenience features such as easy opening, portability and dispensing continue to drive food-packaging innovation, something speciality packaging manufacturer, Parkside, is well aware of as it launches its new easy open, no fuss, no mess sandwich wrap packaging solution.

The Parkside spiral wrap is a flexible pack that allows consumers to simply peel away the packaging in a spiral motion, revealing the tortilla wrap, roll or sandwich inside.

Paula Birch, head of sales at Parkside, said: “As consumers’ lives become busier, many people just want to grab lunch and go. We want to take advantage of the growing popularity and demand for chilled and prepared convenience foods. Our new spiral wrap solution is a simple hassle free pack and has been designed with convenience front of mind.”

The product is developed using specialised film, wrapped at a specific angle and then heat-sealed to form the spiral pack opening structure. The unique design replaces the need for costly tear strips and closures in packs.

Fundamentally, the design allows consumers to easily open one section of the pack at a time, holding the remaining packaging in place, to easily eat the product.  An additional benefit of the design is the reduction in the spread of bacteria from the consumer’s hand to the food, resulting in more hygienic consumption on the go.

Previous sandwich packs included a cardboard inner liner; the Parkside spiral wrap has eliminated this component, reducing packaging and the resulting pack carbon footprint.

Mrs. Birch continued: “Convenience is set to be one of the fastest growing grocery retail channels globally and as a result the sector is becoming highly competitive. We have innovative products, which rival existing packaging formats, that will help us to gain a foothold in this market and for it to become one of Parkside’s largest categories.

“We already have relationships with many key brands and retailers in the convenience sector and will be working closely with our customers to develop opportunities going forward to ensure we continue to deliver solutions which meet the needs of this fast paced market.”