Parkside helps Dirty Cow Chocolate make move to eco-packaging

The boutique handmade chocolate company, Dirty Cow, has boosted its sustainability credentials after collaborating with Parkside to create a compostable pack for its range of innovative vegan and dairy-free ‘messy’ chocolate bars. Dirty Cow launched its new sustainable packaging range with Sainsbury’s ‘taste of the future’ trial listing. 

The move represents the next step in the brand’s sustainability journey, utilising a new pack specifically designed to provide a practical, sustainable option that benefits the environment without compromising performance. 

Neil Taylor, co-founder of Dirty Cow, spoke of the new collaboration with Parkside: “We are delighted to announce this progression into 100% compostable packaging. This collaboration has enabled us to achieve an all-round compostable, organic and certified product, with packaging that does not compromise our chocolate bars’ overall quality. Responsible design and manufacturing are core to our business, and this new packaging solution epitomises that.” 

During the composting process, the packaging breaks down entirely within 26 weeks, depending on the efficiency of the compost setting. The materials then return to the soil, leaving no adverse effects on the environment. This is a result of utilising bio-based paper and metallised NatureFlexTM cellulose films from Futamura, manufactured from sustainably sourced wood pulp. 

Taylor, continued: “All of our chocolate bars are made using cocoa sourced from certified sustainable farms. This new compostable packaging ensures we are continuing to offer a wholly responsible and ethical product – enabling our customers to feel good while being bad!” 

Staci Bye, new business development manager at Parkside, said: “It was a huge privilege for us to be asked to collaborate with Dirty Cow on this project. The values and ethos of the company fit perfectly with our Park2Nature range of compostable packaging, and it has been great working with the team to deliver this new fantastic sustainable solution!” 

The product development team at Parkside has dedicated almost a decade of research and development into its compostable laminates. As a result, the company now boasts over 20 TUV accredited compostable structures, forming its award-winning Park2NatureTM range.