PalAccess™, the New Layer-By-Layer Modular Palletising Platform by Gebo Cermex

A company that constantly strives to improve packaging line technology, Gebo Cermex presents its latest layer-by-layer palletizing offering: PalAccess™. With this new platform the company successfully delivers the best value for money on the market for a conventional palletizing solution.

Designed for use across Gebo Cermex’s key market segments (Beverages and Food, Home and Personal care), PalAccess™ optimizes performance while bringing down total cost of ownership. This new platform offers a “projection towards the future” thanks to its state-of-the-art integrated intelligence and advanced technological features from the company’s Palletizing/Depalletizing business unit. The system was devised in synergy between Gebo Cermex’s Parma and St Laurent sur Sèvre production sites.

Frontline technology at entry-level price

PalAccess™ was jointly designed by the company’s Palletizing/Depalletizing teams in St. Laurent-sur-Sèvre, France and Parma, Italy.

Giorgio Rocca is Product Line Manager for Crating/Decrating and Palletizing/Depalletizing solutions at Gebo Cermex, and explains a little more about this collaboration:

“The idea was to rationalize our portfolio of layer-by-layer palletizing solutions by combining the best modules, systems and software from both factories, as well as their best practices. That meant uniting the most effective elements of our PalPack and Pal- Kombi ranges.”

The results are impressive, with a TCO-oriented system which is more ergonomic, offering fast and simple format changeovers. Importantly, it is also totally respectful of product integrity with sensitive and reliable handling of small and unstable packs. Additionally, the system has been improved in terms of reduced and optimized maintenance operations, as well as being forward compatible and capable of evolving to incorporate future upgrades. Last but not least, it remains resolutely price accessible for an end-of-line solution.

Shock-free for products, low maintenance

The PalAccess™ system can be used with a single or dual-lane infeed, and incorporates a range of features designed to protect the integrity of products during pallet preparation, while simplifying the format changeover by removing manual adjustment points.

First of all, PalAccess™ is equipped with the Gebo Cermex’s patented new PackTurn technology: a brushless rotating system for gentle orientation without shocks. This is a simple solution and a real innovation that gets rid of all mechanical orienting devices. Second of all, PalAccess™ features a step-by-step servo-driven infeed via an electronic spacer system for gentle row and layer preparation according to the pallet pattern – so no more mechanical spacer or no bumpers. Finally, it offers a modular belt for pack infeed with a flat surface, thus doing away with rollers and providing greater stability and ease of maintenance.

Meanwhile, the fact that the lifting unit is now driven by belts instead of chains makes for a cleaner system requiring no lubrication and much less maintenance, thus further reducing total cost of ownership. There is also an absolute encoder on the lifting unit, pushers and layer-conforming guides, thereby reducing the number of sensors and photocells as well as cabling, and removing the need for a homing procedure after power reconnection.

More ergonomic HMI with a multi-touch panel

PalAccess™ has an ergonomic, tablet-style design and a more intelligent user interface, based on a touch-screen control panel. It nonetheless offers the level of security required for production operations, including the two-hands operation principle to protect against incorrect use.

The system is also compatible with Gebo Cermex’s patented software solutions: the PalDesigner® pallet management program and Advanced Diagnostic, the company’s palletizing assistance system designed to shorten and ease operator troubleshooting thanks to One Point Lesson access, either fixed from the HMI or remote from a tablet computer (both available as optional extras).

And for maximum synergy and ease of operation, PalAccess™ offers guaranteed compatibility with existing external devices, such as AxoSmart® and RoboSmart® robotic layer preparation, pad dispensers, pallet conveyor systems, and stretch-wrappers (see inset).

PalAccess™, which is a traditional layer-by-layer technology, could be a good starting point for End-of-Line automation.

This year Gebo Cermex has rolled out another innovation – in fact an innovation within an innovation.

The new PalAccess™ palletizing unit can be combined with a pallet stretch-wrapper to create a fully-integrated, 2-in-1 end-of-line block. The numerous advantages include, for example, the system’s compact layout, or the fact that only one operator is needed for end-of-line functions.

There is also a single control cabinet, one main user interface and one PLC. The same look and feel for the block is also a big bonus – with the same guardings. Similarly, the same components are used for the palletizer and the stretch wrapper, offering simplified maintenance and spare part management.

Lastly, it will offer users greater overall reliability.