Organic proteins help meet demand for premium kids’ snacks in China

Following the launch of the new organic lines to its Nutrilac range of functional protein solutions, Arla Foods Ingredients has further introduced two new concepts demonstrating how manufacturers can tap into opportunities in China by creating kids’ snacks with a premium positioning.

The first concept is yoghurt in pouches, a “easily squeezable” concept demonstrating the benefits of Nutrilac organic milk protein in yoghurt snacks. Available in plain and fruit versions, benefits include potential for a source of protein claim and a source of calcium claim, and stable viscosity during shelf life.

With an optimal fermentation profile, it offers reduced acidic taste to increase appeal to children. Sourced from ingredients found naturally in milk, it also meets the growing demand for clean-label solutions.

The next concept is cheese snacks, which combines Nutrilac organic milk protein with real cheese to provide snacks for children with much of their daily recommended intake of calcium and protein. Available in plain or sweet versions, they offer a mild, milky taste and smoother structure.

Li Yuanyuan, sales manager of Arla Foods Ingredients, explained: “Children have a special place in Chinese culture, and the growing number of affluent middle-class parents want the very best for them. This is driving demand for snacks that can be trusted as safe and nutritious, and an increasing interest in organic and clean-label options.

“High-quality dairy protein is a perfect match for these needs. Our new recipe concepts demonstrate the potential for health-focused innovation in the Chinese market, and highlight the opportunities to expand product lines with organic and premium options.”