Optimise quality control with next-generation, real-time industrial liquid process monitoring technology

Image: ColloidTek

Finnish deep-tech company ColloidTek has developed the Collo Analyzer, a groundbreaking method for real-time liquid process quality monitoring with significant advantages for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Utilising EMF sensors and machine learning, this technology identifies contaminants and potential risks in liquid processing through a single real-time measurement and immediate, in-line analysis. This innovative solution has the potential to transform liquid quality control, providing comprehensive information about product quality at any stage of production, ensuring safety, quality, and the correct taste of the end product.

In liquid processing, particularly in the dairy industry, efficient quality control is paramount. Confirming the absence of contaminants, such as residues of CIP chemicals in milk batches, is essential. Traditional methods of collecting samples for laboratory analysis are time-consuming, leading to delays and potential risks to product quality. In addition to logistical challenges in transporting samples to the laboratory, manufacturers often face days of waiting for results, by which time the milk has already been processed into end-products.

The implications of a potentially hazardous batch, if discovered after processing, are significant. Product recalls involve substantial costs, encompassing logistics, disposal, legal fees, fines, and refunds. Beyond immediate financial implications, long-term consequences, such as damage to reputation and loss of consumer trust, can be severe, particularly in the digital age where harmful information can spread rapidly. Julia Vieira, Sales Manager at Collo, emphasises the importance of real-time insight into the production process to prevent quality issues and their subsequent repercussions.

Addressing quality control issues is critical, as companies may struggle to regain consumer trust and restore their brand image. Rigorous quality control, adherence to regulations, and proactive risk management are vital to safeguard a company’s financial stability and reputation.

Real-time Quality Control for Any Liquid Product

With advanced technologies, achieving comprehensive and cost-effective quality control has become more accessible. The Collo Liquid Analyzer provides an efficient and reliable method to ensure companies meet their quality and safety requirements. Unlike traditional laboratory testing, the Collo Analyzer offers instant, in-line analysis of liquid quality.

Matti Järveläinen, CEO of Collo, explains that the Collo solution fingerprints liquids and can detect nearly any change in them. Collo’s strength lies in its ability to identify various contaminants and risks in food or beverage products with a single measurement, including residues of CIP chemicals, foreign objects like metal particles, cross-contamination, and changes in product taste or structure.

Traditionally, quality control in the food and beverage industry involves collecting samples and sending them to the laboratory, with results taking days or even weeks. Collo reduces this time to just two seconds, allowing on-site manual testing or in-line testing straight from the pipe. EMF technology and advanced algorithms make this possible, distinguishing the Collo Analyzer as a unique tool in the food and beverage industry.

The objective is to provide organisations with a cost-effective tool for maintaining strict quality control over their liquid processes.

Simplified Quality Control for Larger Product Portfolios

Growing consumer demand necessitates continuous monitoring of higher production volumes and larger plant-based product portfolios. While a diverse portfolio offers market advantages, it introduces complexities and challenges for quality control. Collo Analyzer addresses these challenges by offering a single device capable of measuring the quality of thick liquids like honey, as well as transparent or non-conductive liquids such as vodka or milk protein concentrate.

Unlike other systems that may require multiple analysers and sensors for different liquid characteristics, Collo Analyzer can simultaneously detect multiple risks or deviations. This simplifies complex quality control processes, replaces other tests, and covers safety and quality aspects that other analysers cannot manage. The technology accelerates the quality control process, empowering manufacturers to take immediate corrective actions, reducing the risk of costly recalls, and ensuring every product batch meets the highest quality and safety standards.