OnRobot releases electric vacuum gripper for heavy-duty palletising applications

The VGP20 electric vacuum gripper supports challenging palletising scenarios, including heavy, bulky, and porous surfaces.

Large, unwieldy bags of dog food, non-airtight clothing or consumer goods packages; and bulky, porous cardboard boxes – these are just some examples of demanding packaging and palletising applications that OnRobot’s new VGP20 gripper can address. Compatible with robot brands, the electric vacuum gripper can manage payloads of 20kg, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in industries from cosmetics and electronics to pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

VGP20 is designed to manage applications that have traditionally been handled by pneumatic grippers. While pneumatic grippers require compressed air to operate, the VGP20 is all-electric and ready to go out of the box, enabling companies to save up to 90% on operating and maintenance costs compared to traditional pneumatic gripper deployments, OnRobots claimed.

The VGP20 provides “unlimited” cup and airflow customisation and multichannel functionality, allowing it to be deployed on multiple items of different shapes and sizes.

Additionally, the VGP20 gripper’s built-in intelligence, combined with its easy-to-use software, provides precise airflow control functionality that is improved from the capabilities of traditional pneumatic grippers. This functionality allows users to vary the type of grip used in different applications, such as the soft grip to manage delicate items to the hard grip required for handling bulky, heavy cardboard boxes with porous surfaces.

Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO at OnRobot, concluded: “Efficient packaging and palletising performance is crucial to success for manufacturers, e-commerce and logistics companies. However, labour shortages present an ongoing challenge and performing these jobs by hand is both monotonous and unergonomic.

“The VGP20 gripper enables companies to automate these tasks, providing relief to workers while improving overall productivity and quality.”