On New Website, Rovema Offers Downloadable Operational Equipment Effectiveness Guide for Vertical FFS Bagging Operations

Resource for Maintenance, Production & Engineering Teams Seeking to Implement an OEE Program to Improve Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Applications 

Norcross, GA – Rovema North America – a subsidiary of Rovema GmbH, which designs and supplies packaging machinery for the food industry – has a new website that offers a downloadable Vertical Bagging Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) guide for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers. Rovema created the 19-page guide to help small- and medium-sized businesses adopt the same best practices that multinational corporations rely on to optimize production efficiency.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) baggers are critical components of many CPG manufacturing lines, but also can be the source of production frustrations and inefficiencies. Vertical baggers are prime targets for OEE improvement because, when not performing at  optimal efficiency levels, they are often the bottleneck between product production and market readiness.

Rovema’s straightforward vertical bagging OEE handbook comprises a step-by-step playbook to enable maintenance, production or engineering teams to implement an OEE program for any VFFS line. Complete with checklists and sample worksheets, the guide can help companies achieve impressive operational improvements through enhanced equipment availability, performance and quality.

Paul Wilson, Rovema NA’s VP of Sales, says the objective is simple. “Vertical bagging is about producing and packaging your product efficiently, and about creating packages that stand out on crowded store shelves. That’s our focus, whether that entails working with engineering personnel to meet new marketing requirements or helping production improve existing operations. This guide puts the OEE improvement toolkit in the hands of people at the plant level, where they can make a huge difference.”

Rovema’s new guide lays out a sequential methodology that has proven to be the most effective approach over the company’s years of experience, thousands of machines sold and many million packages produced:

  • Creating a “quality” spec
  • Establishing appropriate OEE goals
  • Initial and ongoing measurement and observation, including sampling, logging, analysis and storage
  • Calculating likely return on investments in OEE improvement
  • The “nuts and bolts” of incremental improvement
  • The role of training and maintenance
  • Realizing secondary efficiencies that often stem from attention to OEE

“Many of the multinationals have teams dedicated to OEE and best practice knowledge management,” said John Panaseny, CEO of Rovema. “However, this information doesn’t always make it down to the individual plant level. So they, along with thousands of small- and medium-size manufacturers that rely on vertical baggers at the heart of their production operations across many different industries, will be able to greatly benefit from the tools our new guide provides to help optimize production efficiencies.”

The 19-page guide is available for download through Rovema’s vertical bagging educational resource center, located HERE