Novelty at ProPak 2016: Jimco Putting Food Hygiene in a New Perspective

Jimco’s FLO-systems are intended for large industrial facilities within the food industry. Foto: PR.

Jimco A/S of Denmark is to present a compact system for disinfection at ProPak Asia 2016. The JIMCO FLO-D® system is based on patented and award-winning JIMCO® UV-C technology.

For over 20 years, JIMCO® UV-C based air purification systems have been used by industry to, among other things, eliminate odour emissions, improve indoor air quality, and reduce fire and infection hazards. A collaboration with the DHI water environment consultancy, the University of Southern Denmark and several food companies has enabled the patented technology to be used for automatic and chemical-free disinfection of surfaces and whole production areas – thus resulting in the JIMCO FLO-D® system, which has attracted great interest as a means of thorough disinfection in the food industry. This success has now led to the development of the JIMCO FLO-D® Mini that is more mobile and suitable for use in refrigerated areas where there are often problems with yeast, mould and microorganisms.

The compact size of the FLO-D® systems makes it easy to move the units between production and refrigerated areas. Photo: PR

Benefits to the inside and outside environment

The compact size of the JIMCO FLO-D® Mini makes it easy to move the system around – in production areas as well as in cold rooms and refrigerated trailers and containers.

– Manual disinfection is time-consuming and inefficient. At the same time, harsh chemicals are used that are harmful to both the inside and outside environment. With JIMCO FLO-D® and FLO-D® Mini the process is totally automated. You achieve more effective disinfection while saving manpower, water, chemicals and energy plus preventing corrosion and avoiding the discharge of chlorinated wastewater. In fact, the systems enable such large labour and resource savings that repayment is possible in a year, explains Jimmy K. Larsen, CEO of Jimco A/S.

Air sterilization and surface disinfection combined

Jimmy K. Larsen points to a combination of air sterilization and surface disinfection as the ideal solution when you want to achieve optimum food safety.

– The JIMCO FLO-D® can advantageously be used together with our air sterilization solutions that are typically installed in existing ventilation systems. This provides a total solution that purifies the air and disinfects surfaces in the room. It enhances food safety, and the risk of having to recall products is decreased, he says.

Depletes Listeria in a few hours

With the JIMCO FLO-D® systems, Jimmy K. Larsen stresses, food companies can effectively safeguard themselves against unfortunate bacteria cases as long as they comply with general hygiene and cleaning standards.

– Tests performed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark show that the JIMCO FLO-D® can, rapidly, almost completely break down e.g. Listeria and Salmonella bacteria in large production facilities, says the CEO, who also refers to positive results from full-scale industrial installations.